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 The Editor's View  Tymaria and Amerada avert hostility
To the Tymarian People,

This week, Tymaria stood firm against a perceived threat.  In addition to this story, I'll also be focusing on two micronations that I personally feel could make a positive impact on the micronational scene.

If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the Attera-Macusiaa, and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

For information on our great micronation, Tymaria's National Web Page is located HERE.

If you are in the area, and wish to meet our citizens or open relations with Tymaria, please visit our forum HERE.

---His Imperial Highness, Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Q'attera




Tymarian News
Tymaria and Amerada Avert Hostility

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 08 January 2002-18 January 2002

Tymaria and Amerada came extremely close to hostile action, this week, due to Amerada's attempt at annexing Interland.  In a message received by the Ministry of Defense from unnamed Tysog troops, stated that President Washburn was attempting to claim Interland as a part of Amerada.  Amerada a Canadian-American inspired micronation has been plagued with charges of President Washburn, rigging elections, the use of "paper dolls or "papeles" as our Lusophone readers would call them, along with duping micronations into being listed on his Micro-Monde map so that Amerada can either invade these micronations or add them to it's sphere of influence.

The issue of the Micro-Monde map came up in the Tymarian General Forum with some individuals saying that the Micron Map and the Micro-Monde map be merged to include all micronations of both.  President Washburn stated clearly that he did not want the Micro-Monde map to be a part of the Micron Map, thus, leaving into question his real motives for the use of the Micro-Monde Map.

To offset any hostile take over of Interland, the Ministry of Defense with permission from Prime Executive Austi Scot, initiated discussions with President Washburn to express fully that Tymaria would stop any attempt by Amerada to claim Interland.  After three days of discussion between myself and President Washburn produced the Cessation of Hostility Agreement which is found in the Tymarian General Forum and the original is located in Scheheradze Imperial Gibi in the Attera-Macusiaa forum.

In the agreement, the following three items were resolved and listed:

There is only one Interland and it is a part of Tymaria, all references to Interland on the Micro-Monde Map are to be erased.

The Republic of Amerada will not claim any Tymarian territory, now or in the future.  Tymaria will do likewise for Amerada.

President Washburn must apologize in the Tymarian Forum for his actions and agree to sign the agreement.

Soon after the agreement was signed, the President of South Mondesia, Peter Little, sent a communique to the Ministry of Defense stating that he wished for Tymarian troops be stationed on South Mondesian soil.  He has offered to build a base there for the troops and has set up a joint command forum within South Mondesia.  As Minister of Defense, I , referred the President to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hammer out the details of the agreement.  

South Mondesia, another micronation on the Micro-Monde map has expressed a desire for Tymarian protection from the overtures of the Ameradan government which has expressed that South Mondesia should be a part of Amerada.





Plans for the Atteran Federation underway

Within the Attera-Macusiaa forum their are plans to merge together Attera-Macusiaa with Argaal.  Since Attera-Macusiaa has annexed Atteran Makonnia and has installed the new Imperial Ras, Dabe the First, there has been an agreement for this merger to be complete by 28 February, 2002, on the Le'ult Jihan's birthday.  The new Tymarian state, if approved will be called the Federation of the Atteran Imperial States and will informally be called the Atteran Federation.  A new government system based on a joint executive council called the Grand Executive Council will rule the Atteran Federation until a full legislature can be formed.  Although the Le'ult is the sovereign, she is a minor and is represented by the GEC.  Upon creation of the new Yezawd Derg or Legislature, the GEC will become the Upper House of the Yezawd Derg and the Lower House will be set up similar to the Tymarian House of Peoples.  Upon completion of the Legislative elections, a Prime Minister elected by popular vote will become the executive of the state.   To generate income for Attera-Macusiaa and to establish an active government, the GEC has implemented a land sale in the hopes of attracting business and citizens.  Although Noble titles will be given only to those that provide actual services to the Atteran Federation and to those who are deemed deserving, the titles will be tied to the land on a symbolic basis.  

The office of Governing Ras has been created as the governor of each of the Atteran Republics that make up the federation.  These citizens will be in charge of governing each republic, the collection of taxes and keeping land purchases in order within their particular area.

The current GEC consists of HIH Diga Makonnen IV of Attera-Macusiaa, HH Dabe I of Makonnia, and HH Charles I of Argaal.  The Lower House of the Yezawd Derg has available openings for representatives of the republics of Baut Chii-Sedera, Dahlakh-Massawa, Sa'an Republic, Kreutzberg, and Vega Baja.  The representatives for Attera Proper, Makonnia, and Argaal will be held by the Imperial Rases.  Out of all of the republics, the Sa'an Republic will have the most different set up.  The Governing Ras post in Sa'an will be given to the noble who has performed the most outstanding service for the federation and will hold responsibility for it for 6 months.  During that tenure, he or she will be allowed to keep 30% of all revenue generated by Sa'an as gratitude for that service.






The Tymarian Sun Focuses on New Micronations
The Tymarian Sun in an attempt to bring interest to new and innovative micronations will showcase new micronations that come to my attention or that may impact micronationalism in the future.  The first one is...

The Principality of Sidona

The Principality of Sidona, an Indian and French inspired micronation, ruled by HRH Prince Constantin, has definitely caught my attention as a micronation worth spending the time to get to know.  I stumbled onto the Principality of Sidona by reading a post by Prince Constantin in the Ministry of Financial Affairs.  He stated that he was interested in the Tymarian economic simulation and wanted to peg his currency to the Tymark.

After reading his post, I took a look at the Sidonean website and was quite impressed by the layout and felt that it was refreshing to see such organization in a website. The web site of the Principality of Sidona can be found here: http://www.sidona.cjb.net

Recently, AtterConn Gmbh, has been contracted to design banknotes for the Sidonean Mint which is in charge of the production of the Sidonean Dollar.  AtterConn released the first draft of the banknotes to Prince Constantin for his approval.  Prince Constantin, an absolute monarch, with progressive ideas, hopes that Sidona will be an Intermicronational hub of activity and has established relations with several micronations.  With continued ventures with other micronations and micronational companies, Sidona is well on her way to becoming a major influence in Intermicronational affairs.



 Union of South Mondesia

The Union of South Mondesia under the enlightened leadership of President Peter Little.  The Union of South Mondesia is a micronation based on the Macroworld nations of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.  South Mondesia caught my attention during the Tymarian-Amerada crisis and I found that the citizens of South Mondesia were most kind and helpful with gathering information about the Micro-Monde map of which they are a part.  

In light of recent tensions between Amerada and the Union of South Mondesia, the South Mondesian government has requested to Tymaria that Tymarian troops be stationed on South Mondesia to ensure that Amerada is kept at arms reach.  The Tymarian Ministry of Defense stated that it would be pleased to support the South Mondesian government provided there is communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will have to work out an agreement.  To further sweeten the deal, the South Mondesian government has said that the building of a base for the Tymarian troops will be paid for by the South Mondesian government.  

The location of the Union of South Mondesia is http://www.geocities.com/southmonedsia






Intermicronational News
 LOSS to Determine Fate of Morovia's General Assembly Seat 


After a two month period of extreme activity, the Secretary-General has finally decided to place the decision of whether or not the Republic of Morovia can occupy the vacant seat of Morovia to the General Assembly.  Lord Diga Makonnen IV has headed off any attempt by both the Republicans and the Loyalists who each have supporters in the General Assembly, who will probably now state their viewpoints on the floor of LOSS.

The Loyalists wish for Morovia to rest in peace as per the wishes of HRH King Vincent III.  Many Loyalists have stayed away from the fledgling Republic on the grounds that the Republic has "tarnished" the image of Morovia and has reduced it to the status of a joke.

The Republicans long for a revival of Morovia, but has immediately come under fire from hard line Loyalists.  The Republicans have gained recognition from such micronations as Reunion,  the Proletarian Democratic Union, Sidona and Babkha which has basically turned the Republic into a puppet state under the guise of "military assistance".  What's most interesting is that Tymaria continues to show no interest at all over Morovia, and views it as completely unimportant.  

Most of the month Lord Diga has been gathering all of the facts possible so that as much information as possible can be given to the General Assembly, so that an educated choice can be made, rather than one based on emotion.  

In the letter to the General Assembly, Lord Diga expressed his intent to finally bring this suspense to a close by issuing the following statement that contained HH Charles the First's, fact finding reply to Lord Diga's request to determine the truth about Morovia.


From:  "therasinate" <therasinate@excite.com>
Date:  Sat Jan 19, 2002  5:45 am
Subject:  The Kingdom /Republic of Morovia


Scheheradze Imperial Gibi
Attera Proper, Attera-Macusiaa
United Rep. of Tymaria

Dear Ambassadors,

As some of you know the Kingdom of Morovia has become defunct as of late December. I have been working on this issue for some time, so, as to gain absolute verification as to whether this is true. This issue has dominated quite a bit of my time and energy to ascertain the truth of the matter. Thus, I have been silent on many issues here and I apologize for this. With that, I bring before you the possible third micronation to vote on, in addition, I will be placing the other issues up to vote also.

During October of last year 2001, it has come to my attention that the Kingdom of Morovia was in a state of anarchy with many different factions and micronations intervening to assert their viewpoint on this issue. What happened in Morovia was that King Vincent III declared the micronation defunct and left the micronation without choosing a successor, assuming that it would be left to die.  Soon after, the Republic of Morovia proclaimed it's existence under the presidency of Mr. Yarl Berg. The Republic is currently still in a state of transition and there have been charges from former supporters of King Vincent III who claim that this is an illegal state. Of course President Berg states otherwise, but, there has been no communication received by me, from King Vincent III or members of his government stating that the Kingdom of Morovia is indeed defunct.

So, that brings us to the question of do we let the Republic of Morovia take the Kingdom of Morovia's seat in LOSS, or do we deny them? I wish to bring this up for discussion and a decision made as to whether the Republic will be able to take the seat or will it have to wait the six months before applying. I hope to gain your opinions on this before the Republic formally brings this matter up through their supporters within LOSS.

For more info, the Kingdom of Morovia's message board is located here:

For more info the Republic of Morovia's message board is located here:

I received this from HH Ras Bitwoded Charles when I sent him on a fact-finding mission so that maybe the Prime Executive of Tymaria, Austi Scot could possibly authorize a cooperative effort with other micronations, namely Babkha, the PRNSE and others, to establish a stable government. This is part of his statement to Lord Diga (in yellow):


1. Morovia has always been plagued with an inactive Royal Assembly. It shows sparks of life at times, but there are long stretches of
nothing being debated.
2. The Morovian Citizenship Application has been notorious for not working, and prospective members have their applications eaten up and
they never come to the Assembly for vote.
3. Due to these two facts, at least three prospective citizens were not approved, one of whom applied at least four times.
4. Sometime around late March, activity suddenly dropped. Days would go by without a single post. The exact cause is unknown, but Assembly Member Bob Rhine stated that the King was "caught up in the whirlwind of local politics and the rest of us [were] so busy with school, work and our real lives" (1) It was also common knowledge that the King has a terminal illness and was for most of the month of April (2) unable to participate due to this and other personal crises.
5. On 17 May, the first of a plethora of anonymous messages requesting that Morovia f**k itself was received in the forum. (3) It was also about this time that the citizens began posting as "A
Citizen" or "Another Citizen" and the like. The causes for these trends are entirely unknown but their effect is obvious. While Morovia has a censorship law against anonymous posters, it was not enforced at all. This undoubtedly turned off perspective citizens and drove away current ones.
6. Around 10 July, the King created a Royal Revitalization Commission (4). However, it failed for the same reasons as above. A good synopsis of the situation came from one "King Charles XIII" on 24 September:

Morovia has died. No one cares anymore, and no one posts except idiots seeking to exploit the precarious position Morovia is in. Except someone comes by every once in a while to empty the messages from these idiots, and keep the forum clean. Only, it doesn't happen often enough.

I think it's starting to set in to whoever is running the show that Morovia is beyond saving. If you try twice to jump start the nation, and fail twice, it is probably best to give up. (5)

7. On 26 September, someone claiming to be Peter Hickey proclaimed himself Generalissimo of the People's Republic of Morovia. (6) Whether this was actually Hickey is questionable, as he is an often impersonated figure.
8. For the next few weeks, Morovia became nothing more than a board of ilk and spam, f-words-a-flying.
9. At some point, Jacobus Imperator proclaimed himself Regent for King Vincent III. Someone claiming to speak for Southumberland claimed to occupy Morovia, but its Prince John denied that the Southumberland Parliament authorized this (7).
10. A coalition of Babkhan, Rocentian, and Soviet forces has also made its entrance on the scene. This coalition, somehow involving Kuralyov, has made several propaganda statements basically saying: "We have you surrounded! You cannot escape! You die now,
ha ha!" Incidentally, Generalissimo (or, the "false" ( Peter Hickey has disappeared from the scene and the Coalition seems to be going after Jacobus Imperator.
11. As a final note, I've been in contact with Robert P. Gresham, leader of the Morovian Resistance, which is trying to expel all the foreign intervention and start from scratch, with or without King Vincent, who has been "AWOL" (9)."

To the supporters of the Kingdom of Morovia, is there someone who wishes to bring up their issues before the General Assembly? The same for the supporters of the Republic of Morovia? I will allow both sides to present their case for a period of one week. Then voting on all open issues will commence on 26 January 02.


HIH Diga Makonnen IV
Secretary-General of LOSS



News from Amerada

The Los Antreal Times-Journal

LATJ January 12/2002 Edition
Since I don't have a forum for the LATJ, I'm gonna post it here until I actually get my own forum since I have decided to restart the LATJ on hopefully a regular basis.
The Los Antreal Times-Journal Jan 17/2002

Disaster averted with Tymaria

Today, President Washburn signed the Peace treaty with Tymaria that removed Interland from Micro-monde. The conflict began when President Washburn threatened to annex Interland if the rest of Tymaria refused to join Micro-monde. After a tense few days, the situation was brought to an end with a treaty proposed by the Tymarian Minister of Defense, Marshal Diga Makonnen. There was much anger by the opposition parties in Amerada towards Pres. Washburn
or almost getting Amerada into a war it could not win. Governeire Scott Noseworthy was the most critical of the actions undertaken by President Washburn. Governor Noseworthy is a citizen of Interland and the Marshal of the Tymarian Army - Tymaria is the Governeire's primary micronation. Governeire Noseworthy is also critical of the President for inviting Yuri Andropov, aka Koba, into Amerada as Mr. Andropov is viewed as an outlaw and is largely not trusted in the micronational world despite his "glory" days as the leader of Interland when it was independant. president Washburn retracted the invite after seeing what other people thought of Mr. Andropov on other micronational ezboards.

Are you planning on protesting? You better think twice before exercising democracy in Amerada.

On January 16, 2002, Prime Minister Derek McCollough introduced the War Measures Act to the Amerada Legislature. This Act, if passed will allow the government to take away the civil rights of all Ameradans - sims included. This has created an uproar in the opposition as one key point that would make the document alright is missing - a sun set clause. No part of the Act even mentions how long the government can keep the Act in effect and deprive Ameradans of their civil rights. This Act is yet another example of just how undemocratic the DLPA government and legislature are. This bill is likely to pass as the entire Amerada Legislature is members of the DLPA political party.






click on images for further details...

  Eisteddfod 2002, Caput Popularis, Free Republic

AtterConn Gmbh, Q'attera ICT, Attera-Macusiaa

click on logo to go to the AoI and Bylaws.

AtterConn Conglomerate, Gmbh 

AtterConn, a major intermicronational conglomerate has officially opened for business within Tymaria.  AtterConn is looking for talented individuals that will offer their experience and ideas to make AtterConn extremely competitive in the Intermicronational market.  AtterConn has several subsidiaries that ensure that employees can always have various opportunities and upward mobility within.  AtterConn's subsidiaries are: The Tymarian Sun, the Imperial Bank of the Rasinate, the Imperial Postal Service of the Rasinate and the Tymarian National Lotto.  Our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws can be seen by clicking on the AtterConn logo.





Terra Firman News

New Year, New Terra Firma

The island nation of Terra Firma http://www.geocities.com/onlinecountry/ is finally on the road to revival.  The nation has adopted the principle of sovereign individuality, by which each inhabitant is known as a resident instead of a citizen, and invests their individual sovereignty in the Government. The government is a chartered corporation of which each resident of Terra Firma owns one equal share, and
operates as a direct democracy.

Terra Firma is currently in the process of restarting its economy. President Iain Jacobson said: "We intend to apply for membership of the ICEO as soon as

Pirates spied on Micron!

There are growing reports of pirates coming in from various ports across the world. Intelligence reports indicate that, in spite of appearances, they pose little danger, and probably belong to a rumoured new pirate micronation known as Buccaneer Bay, which is generally agreed to be one of the most original micronational concepts ever. For those who may wish to track them down, knowledgeable sources have stated
that the pirates occasionally hang out at an isolated watering-hole called the http://pub86.ezboard.com/bbuccaneerbay Salty Dog Inn.

Treesian News

First Installment of Legendary Epic is Published!

Scott Siskind has published the http://pub15.ezboard.com/fbaronyoftreesiafrm51.showMessage?topicID=8.topic First Book of Orchids. Known in Latin as 'Prima Liber Florae', it but the first part of a great History of the World which was commissioned by Baron Dornan of the Barony of Treesia & Fabon. The entire saga will be available to scholars in the Barony's Great Library http://www.treesia.f2s.com/btf5-000019.html 




If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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