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 The Editor's View  House of Peoples debate issues of Sovereignty and State's Rights
To the Tymarian People,

This week there were several discussions that could vastly affect how Tymarian states and other territories are viewed.  In addition, to the state's rights issue, the Hyperborean question has been answered by "mother Squid, oops, I mean, nature".  To see further details of these stories, please visit our forum and our national web page.

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---His Imperial Highness, Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Q'attera




Tymarian News
House of Peoples debates State's role in Tymaria

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 28 December 2001- 07 January 2002

The House of Peoples was the hotbed of activity this week.  There were several issues up for debate and many of them dealt with mergers, secession at the state level, sovereignty and rights for the states.  This week's issue we will examine, in depth these various debates and causes, since they may affect the micronation in various ways.

The issues that are being debated are as follows:

The Annexation of Atteran Makonnia by Attera-Macusiaa, the attempt by Jaris to secede from Interland, the Hyperborean issue and the State's Rights Act.





Attera-Macusiaa's plan to annex Atteran Makonnia

Upon reception of word that Ras Markle of Atteran Makonnia has effectively left micronations and has indeed given Atteran Makonnia back to Imperial Atteran control, an Act of Annexation has been drafted and brought before the House of Peoples for approval.  This act will allow Attera-Macusiaa to legally annex Atteran Makonnia into Tymaria, rather than leaving it outside of Tymarian Federal control.  The Act which has been drafted by the Imperial Government of Attera-Macusiaa, states that Atteran Makonnia should become part of Attera-Macusiaa on the grounds that both maintain similar cultural traits, have a common tie to the Sovereign of the Atteran Commonwealth, HIH Jihan I, and are both considered as Rasinate structured governments.  

Ras Markle gave the reason for his decision in his posting in the Tymarian National Forum.  He felt that since he was no longer actively participating in Intermicronational activities, he would give back Makonnia to the Imperial Atteran government.

So far the vote has been in favor for Atteran Makonnia to enter into Attera-Macusiaa and as of 5 January, met the necessary amount of representatives for approval.  

Imperial Atteran plans for the future of Atteran Makonnia include finding an interested micronationalist to run the day to day activities of its government.  As of current, Atteran Makonnia is a suzerain state, which in effect has "overlords" who receive a ceremonial tribute from the state, but exercise no governing whatsoever.  The current overlords as outlined by Ras Markle are: HIH Diga Makonnen IV, HIH Marie I, and HH Charles I, the Imperial Ras of Argaal.  Currently, there are discussions going on in Scheheradze Imperial Gibi, in Attera Proper between Lord Diga and Lord Charles over the fate of Atteran Makonnia.  So far, a type of federation at the state level may end up merging all of the Atteran states into one, to finally consolidate the former Imperial Rasinate states.






Jaris attempts to leave Interland  

In what has become a pretty heated argument, Jaris, a territory within Interland has decided to leave under the leadership of Joe Whit.  Mr. Whit wrote a simple act in the HOP, which stated these few points:

I. This bill shall be cited as the Jaris Act of 2002
II. Whereas, Jaris has expressed a desire to join Tymaria, This bill shall create a new state in The Republic, Jaris.
III. This bill shall go into effect 3 days after passage.
IV. The moderator of the Jaris Forum shall be Joe Whit

Mr. Whit first mentioned this in the HoP, he explained his motive, "Jaris revolted from Interland to protest his Evilness Yuri Adolfpov".  Soon, there were calls from citizens of Interland, Mr. Dreesbach and Mr. Starr who raised the most angst against the apparent revolt.  After some negotiation, Emperor Jacobus, who maintains citizenship in Interland offered Jaris protectorate status within the United Imperium. The Emperor's statement was as follows: "Jaris would be declared to be Joe/Regis' personal fief, to unite with anyone he can negotiate with. I would lobby for Jaris to become an Imperial protectorate".  Once Emperor Jacobus gave his blessing, another twist to the story has come about.  After pondering this situation, Mr. Whit offered the second rewrite of this act, since the first was doomed to be defeated:

"I. This bill shall be cited as the Jaris Act of 2002.
II. This bill shall make Jaris a territory of Yardistan.
III. Jaris shall never leave Yardistan, as long as Joeseph Whittaberg shall live.
IV. This bill will take place 24 seconds after passing


Since Interland and Jaris are undoubtedly linked, this will lead us to our supporting story....

The Interland Sovereignty Act

In a piece of legislation that was drafted just days before the Jaris Act of 2002 was posted, Mr. Julian Starr drafted the Interland Sovereignty Act.  This act basically outlines the sovereignty of Interland within Tymaria.  Here is a copy of Mr. Starr's proposal: 

The Interland Sovereignty Act

1. Interland shall be defined as all the areas designated in the Union Acts under Article VI, following the heading entitled Commonwealth of Interland.

2. The Counties of Interland according to the Union Acts are; Jaris, New South Halifax, North Interland
Territory, and Nova Bryn

3. Each County is an indivisible and integral portion of Interland

4. No State shall be admitted into the United Republic of Tymaria from any portion of Interland without the expressed consent of the Reichstag of Interland.

5. No State nor shall any political subdivisions in any State be admitted or recognized into the United Republic of Tymaria which shall bear any resemblance to any of the above-mentioned Counties of Interland listed in Section 2 of this act without the approval of the Reichstag of Interland.

6. The Reichstag of Interland shall have the exclusive authority to establish new political subdivisions within Interland.

7. Interland shall henceforth be regarded as "The Kingdom of Interland"

8. The capital of the Kingdom of Interland shall be designated as neuHannover

9. The Kingdom of Interland shall adopt the following languages as official; English as the Federal and multipurpose language, German as the cultural language, French as the royal language, and Portuguese as the Imperial language.

10. The Kingdom of Interland acknowledges the supremacy of the United Republic of Tymaria in all matters involving Intermicronational affairs, and between the States, we additionally reaffirm our loyalty to the Constitution and Union Acts.

11. The Kingdom of Interland shall lease Bomburg Island to the government of the United Republic of Tymaria to establish Federal offices at no cost upon request by the Federal government, yet the Island shall remain part of the Kingdom.

Julien Starr
Citizen of Tymaria
Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lyrica
Remember Alteria
Future Prime Minister of Lyrica

After this was posted there was immediate opposition from Nick the Yardistani, DStryker and Brrapa on the grounds that the act affected Jaris' intent on leaving Interland.  Mr. Starr retorted that to stand against this issue was in effect supporting an active rebellion within Interland and thus, setting a precedent for it to happen again within other states.  KM Chrysostom, the voice of reason effectively tabled this act until further notice, because of the fact that the vote on the Yardistani Protectorate Act has not effectively been closed.   Then, soon after it was closed, it was brought to the Prime Executive's attention, he vetoed it on the following reasons, "The objections to the bill are that Tymaria would be giving the right to non-citizens to make Constitutional amendments and laws and yet those people would not be subject to the Constitution and laws.
In effect the bill requires Tymaria to give up some of its sovereignty to non-citizens. Is that what people want to be subject to others who are not themselves subject to the Constitution and laws
?"  This has major implications, since, there is no solid definition by Tymarian standards, as to what rights and privileges a protectorate actually has.  In addition, according to the fact that this Act has not been closed, it has been ruled that Yardistan while acting like a protectorate, is still, by law, a state.  To add to this KM Chrysostom has posted the following message: "


The Union Acts are not legally binding in Tymaria for the point that they were simply saying we all thought it was a good idea to make a nation and would make one.... and.. it was before the nation was created... so like the declaration of Independence, it's not a legal document in Tymaria. Also..ok.. forgot the last point...oh yes, the Union Acts were replaced by the Constitution.... like the Articles of Confederation... they are not much more the paper now.. and a nice historical memory..

Very good point. However, like the declaration of independence, while not legally binding, it is a guide of sorts. People have been reading it ever since.

The way I see it, it looks similar to the Statute of Westminster passed by Parliament when they were forming Canada...I don't know why they want to do this as it is essentially a state matter, but I will support it--except for


5. No State nor shall any political subdivisions in any State be admitted or recognized into the United Republic of Tymaria which shall bear any resemblance to any of the above-mentioned Counties of Interland listed in Section 2 of this act without the approval of the Reichstag of Interland.

Which seems to restrict the House of Peoples (which has constitutional authority to determine admittance of nations into the United Republic) from solely deciding on these matters--like telling the House of Peoples what it can and cannot recognize.


5. The House of the People shall have the power to pass regular measures and to impeach the Prime Executive or a High Judge with a simple (50% + 1) majority. It shall have the power to merge United Republic with another nation with a unanimous vote. With a super (2/3) majority, it shall have the power to annex a new nation into the Republic or to allow a region to leave and become independent.

I do recognize the fact that the United Republic is a creature of its member-nations. But this is limited by the constitution, which clearly defines the way things should run. It is imperfect, but it is the basis for all the things we do.

I have no knowledge on what this Jaris issue is about.

However, let me say this:

The HoP has powers to decide whether a region should leave and become independent. Pending a complete definition of a protectorate, I cannot agree on any proposals regarding it.

Tristan Abbey
Diga Makonnen IV

Nick Y



This measure offered by Brrapa Lu Eraro of Yardistan that started off as a great outline of what is to be allowed by the states, and to punish the military for it's encroachment into Shireroth during the Yardistani Rebellion, turned into a solid Act that took several ideas from many senators and became a better piece of legislation than when it started.  During the heated rewrite and subsequent compromises and back alley deals, a final product worth the admiration of many Senators, who celebrated afterwards, was brought out by the Speaker.

After fierce competition, here is the finished product....

State Rights Act: Signed
Houses of the Republic
House of Peoples

Be it enacted by the People of Tymaria in session assembled:

Statute # 0006

State Rights Act

I. Forums.

a. The layout, colors, and general appearance and functionality of a state forum on the main Tymarian board may not be tampered with, outside the stated changes and modification requested by the state government.

b. Each state shall be entitled to one forum on the main Tymarian board.

c. Each state is entitled to have its forums moderated by or not by whomever it wishes.

d. Each state is entitled to have its flag, banner, crest, or other symbolic image displayed under the link to its forum.

e. All states are entitled to create their own message boards separate from the main Tymarian boards and have the link that would otherwise go to their forum on the main board go to the board which they have created for themselves.

II. Government.

a. Each state has the right to determine its own form of government (or lack of) as it sees fit.

b. Each state may pass any internal law.

III. Military.

a. The military will respect the wishes of the individual states and will only station troops within them with proper permission. In the event of national crisis or emergency, the military shall be permitted to enter to support and defend the states only under the orders of the Prime Executive, who shall be limited by a time frame of no greater than 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, the military must be withdrawn, unless an extension has been granted by the House of Nations. If a state is in rebellion, the military shall be sent to reign in said rebellion on the side of the Tymarian Federal Government.

Brrapa Lu Eraro
Principal Author and Sponsor

Edward Conway
Secondary Sponsor

Daniel Dreesbach
Tony Au
Charles Dean Beard
Diga Makonnen IV

Co-Authors and Co-Sponsors

Edward Conway
Bill Dusch
Julian Starr
Nicholas Raglan
Emperor Jacobus
Jason Steffke


I hereby certify that this bill originated from the House of Peoples and was passed by a majority of the membership, with 12 votes in favor of passage.

Chrysostom of Jerusalem
Speaker of the House of Peoples



This bill is hereby propagated into law and shall be effective the fifth day after my signature is affixed per the law of Tymaria.

Signed by my hand this 7th day of January 2002.

Austi Scot
Prime Executive





 The Hyperborean Question


Hyperborea was the center of attention during the days before it's destruction by a volcano eruption.  (Actually, it was taken off line by Giant Squid, but, for the sake of great entertainment value and micronational simulation, we'll say it was the eruption that put Hyperborea out of it's misery.)  The issue was brought to a head by Ryan Caruso's preempting control over Hyperborea before the Hyperborean Annexation Act could be voted on by the HoP.  The Act was brought forth by the Yardistani government, which felt that since there was limited activity there, it would annex the frosty, northern micronation.  Ryan Caruso made the following statement that brought upon him the wrath of Yardistani hatred, "I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and I do not like what is happening with Hyperborea under Yardistani authority.  I didn't like the idea of Hyperborea being annexed outright. I especially didn't like the idea of Hyperborea going to the land vacuum of Yardistan. And I REALLY didn't like the idea of UEC being given the ability doctrine what goes on in Hyperborea. I've also become increasingly upset at seeing how Hyperborea is being used as nothing more than an economic chip on an obese board of Monopoly. Something which goes against the very values all Hyperborean enshrined as law.  So, by what I feel is my right, according to the e-mail, and discussed with a few people, I'd like to do the following: Since I am de facto "owner" of Hyperborea by right of the e-mail from Giant Squid (Scott), I wish to transfer the land from Yardistan to Tapfer.

I feel this is within my rights to do and act so according to the law.

As of now, Hyperborea is under Tapferite authority with nominal authority remaining in both my hands and Squid's. Autonomous rights and laws have yet to be discussed with Tapfer, but they will be considerably more than those under Yardistan. Basically, Hyperborea will remain separate in domestic matters (businesses, development, etc.) while internal powers (such as voting, etc.) fall on Tapfer.

If this is contested by Yardistan, I will take it to the court's and seek legal action.






Intermicronational News
 The "Republic" of Morovia catches fallout from Loyalists


President Yarl Berg, of the "Republic" of Morovia is currently under fire from former citizens who are loyal to the now defunct King Vincent III.  The Loyalists as we'll call them have made several threats to the new republic and are angered by the attempt of President Berg to revive the once ailing state.  Morovia, once a staple of micronational stability, recently fell into relative anarchy with major inactivity and interference in it's affairs by outside micronations.  The Republic of Morovia is currently dealing in close relations with Babkha and is entertaining the idea of establishing a military alliance.   A few Babkhan citizens have been monitored visiting the new republic in the attempt at adding another satellite micronation in Babkha's craven fold.  The reaction from Tymaria has been of slight disinterest because with pressure from the loyal citizens of King Vincent, the likelihood of intermicronational recognition is slim.  A few loyalist citizens have hinted that future problems are sure to befall the republic, because of veiled threats of legal action. 

A citizen named "Uncle Toby" wrote the following to the young republic," I was a former citizen of the KINGDOM of Morovia, and I do not condone your efforts here. King Vincent decided to close Morovia, and had instructed my friend and colleague Robert Gresham to make his wishes known. Why do you persist to defy the wishes of the Morovian founder?

We, the real citizens of Morovia, look back with fond memories of our days in the Kingdom. And anyone who has ever loved Morovia will lament your attempt at stealing it and debasing its memory. While troubles did arise after Vincent and the others packed their bags, they were short-lived. Generalissimo P. Hickey, Emperor Jacobus, and others who wanted to pirate the legacy of Morovia for their own evil machinations were thwarted, or were compelled into surrender. Do not think you are any different.

You do not possess the rights to Morovia's name, images, etc. and because of this, Morovia is not yours. You do not have a right to parade yourself around the micronational world as Morovia. I have contact HM King Vincent and Mr. Gresham, and they will pursue you if you continue in such a manner.

Choose another name. Be original. Create something yourself rather than stealing the ideas of others. Morovia is dead, and its creator would not only prefer, but has intended it to remain dead.

Let Morovia die, and die peacefully. It possessed a lot of prestige and nobility before it died, and it had a good run. It was fun while it lasted. Your attempt at resurrecting it in the form of a "republic" is not only downright pathetic, but a sad decline into a bugnation.

Uncle Toby.




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  Eisteddfod 2002, Caput Popularis, Free Republic

AtterConn Gmbh, Q'attera ICT, Attera-Macusiaa

click on logo to go to the AoI and Bylaws.

AtterConn Conglomerate, Gmbh 

AtterConn, a major intermicronational conglomerate has officially opened for business within Tymaria.  AtterConn is looking for talented individuals that will offer their experience and ideas to make AtterConn extremely competitive in the Intermicronational market.  AtterConn has several subsidiaries that ensure that employees can always have various opportunities and upward mobility within.  AtterConn's subsidiaries are: The Tymarian Sun, the Imperial Bank of the Rasinate, the Imperial Postal Service of the Rasinate and the Tymarian National Lotto.  Our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws can be seen by clicking on the AtterConn logo.





Since there has been no news sent from Inscriptvs this week, last week's articles will run again in their entirety. 


Terra Firma Proposes Unique Government Structure

Citizens of Terra Firma have been offered the choice of two types of government, a traditional federal republic modeled on American & German practices, or a
corporate council embodying the principles of sovereign individuality, with each citizen owning a share and the principal decision-making process being
by direct democracy, with the option of creating a small parallel representative democracy if desired by the citizenry. With the current government already
acting as a direct democracy under an emergency resolution, until such time as a constitution is adopted, insiders have hinted that the most likely outcome will be the adoption of the corporate council.  The final vote is expected to made by the New Year.

[Note to Editors: Terra Firma's URL is: http://www.geocities.com/onlinecountry]

Treesian News

The Dolphin Bartender Strikes Again!

Customers were reeling before Christmas when the newly-opened Bard's Bagpipes Tavern in Treesia was suddenly taken over by a dolphin. The incident happened when the regular proprietor, who uses the pseudonym of Geddeth the Half-Elf, was temporarily away from the bar. The situation was brought under
control when it was realized that the intruder was none other than that famous Finn, Ari Rahikkala.

Mr. Rahikkala was not available for comment, but intelligence sources have revealed that he has been surreptitiously expanding his 'circle of influence' throughout selected micronations and other political simulations during the past few months, although this event is not known to be connected with unsubstantiated sightings in November of an allegedly insane Babkhan warlord seen talking to a dolphin immediately after a gigantic nuclear explosion in the former Rulzcentia.

[The Bard's Bagpipe URL is: http://pub15.ezboard.com/fbaronyoftreesiafrm51]




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