...a joint Intermicronational venture.

Edition # 7 Editors -HIH Diga Makonnen IV and for the Inscriptvs- HE Sir Iain de Vembria  

Price- 2.00


To the Tymarian People,

Well, Tymarians, these weeks have been even more interesting than the last.  We've had your basic intermicronational incident full of hostile epitets, vicious comments and threats of mass destruction.  Hopefully, a peaceful settlement between Tymaria and Babkha is in the offing.  I wish the negotiators and diplomats the best of luck.  The delay in last week's service was due to unexpected circumstances (Macronational Duties), I apologize, but, THE TYMARIAN SUN, is back on track and bringing you the best that Tymaria has to offer!

If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the IRQM and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

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---His Imperial Highness, Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Q'attera




Tymarian News
Tymaria and Babkha exchange blows over Kuralyov

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 23 December- 27 December 2001

The holiday week was rather quiet until the day before Christmas eve night, both Tymarian and Babkhan citizens did not act in a very festive and neighborly fashion.  All week long, there were small exchanges and mild, yet cordial comments between the Babkhan Government, citizens of the PRNSE and the Tymarian Ministry of Defense.  On the 23rd, there was an official complaint lodged with the Babkhan Foreign Ministry to the Tymarian Government by Minister Fath Ali Nouradin, for Marshal Kuralyov's alleged slander against Babkha within the Free Republic.  Mr. Nouradin commented, " We in the former Islamic Front of Babkha did not celebrate September 11, we condemned it. We do not support the Taliban, we helped pass the "Condemnation of the Taliban" an entire year ago before the rest of the world caught on.
Since I am the leader of the opposition in Babkha i cant make any official statements but i will lobby Vizier Tahmaseb Farshbaf to take appropriate steps to stop such blatantly false and damaging comments.
What triggered the blow up from our view was the insult from the Shah who referred to Marshal Kuralyov as a "half assed dimwit".  Before that insult, there were attempts to have this disagreement settled either by military tribunal or by diplomatic means.

After the Shah's insulting comment, Marshal Kuralyov displayed an entire list of hostile comments and old plans to dominate several nations that now comprise the United Republic of Tymaria.  In addition the Marshal's post showed a detailed listing of the various attempts at derailing the IRQM and how the Shah and the Babkhan Government used various means to compete with or derail the IRQM's many efforts in the LOM.

The messages that Marshal Kuralyov apparently received were the private comments from the Babkhan Majlis and the person who claimed responsibility for handing the files over was none other than Ras Markle.  Ras Markle stated that since the Babkhans could not be trusted in any capacity and for their betrayal during the Corvinia-IRQM dispute, last year, he sent information gathered in Babkha to Tymaria, to illustrate Babkhan tampering in the affairs of other micronations.  The Babkhan Government decided to press for espionage charges against Marshal Kuralyov, but the Tymarian Ministry of Defense pointed back at the comments made by Ras Markle as authentic.  To further drive the point home, I stated to the Babkhans, "I'm not responsible for people within Babkha that decide to send us information.  What this looks like is a problem with Babkhan security, rather than espionage by Marshal Kuralyov."

In my communications with Ras Markle, he has assured me that he is not currently in micronational affairs anymore and has given back the Suzerainic Republic of Atteran Makonnia back to Imperial Atteran control.  He did state that should Babkha decide to continue it's irresponsible behavior, he will be compelled to work for it's utter destruction and has promised to "teach the Shah a lesson that will be remembered for all time."  Ras Markle, who is known for his erratic and chaotic style was the architect of the destruction of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Marinidad.  As the Head of the Shaagadan and former Prime Minister of the IRQM, Ras Markle was responsible for bringing the IRQM to great heights with respect to the military aspect of the Atteran State. Ras Markle also was responsible for the smiley bomb attack of the PRNSE in response for their attempt at "flooding" the Rasinate's government e-mail account, which many attribute to the sharp decline of the PRNSE, soon afterwards.  Although, Ras Markle is considered as one of the all time greatest citizens of Attera-Macusiaa, he fell out of favor for not maintaining a sense of discipline during various crises, and for his creation of an independent Makonnia, despite the wishes of the entire Imperial Rasinate.

After Ras Markle's unexpected response in the Tymarian General Forum, Shah Babak soon withdrew his ambassador to Tymaria and broke relations.  In Babkha, the Shah among others rallied to a call to war and made further inflammatory statements that were viewed by the Ministry of Defense as a preparation for an actual attack on Tymaria itself.  The Ministry of Defense immediately issued a statement that effectively banned most of the Babkhan Government and select members of the PRNSE.  In my order, I outlined that due to the tense situation, it was imperative that to ensure adequate protection of the Tymarian Forum, this action was necessary.  





Arben's Peace Faction
On the 24th of December, a faction led by Babkhan citizen Arben gathered support in both Babkha and Tymaria in an attempt to bring about a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis.  While the motive of the Peace faction seems to be one of actual peace, it is also viewed by hard-line elements in Tymaria as a cover for continued Babkhan aggression.  The petition stated that this grouping was to work for the "end of the cult of war".  While momentum was gathering for this group of 3 Babkhans and 7 Tymarians, The Ministry of Defense continued to respond to the Peace Faction with a cordial tone.  Several complaints as to the banning of Arben, A Monk and Comrade Titov, were brought to the Ministry of Defense and after serious consideration, the ban was lifted on these individuals.  Ari Rahikkala debated on behalf of several Babkhan and former PRNSE citizens who he felt were of a peaceful nature.  My response was the basic gesture of mollification and allowed Arben, A Monk and Comrade Titov, who apparently had nothing to do with the crisis, back into the forum.  My statement explaining the action could be basically summed up in a few sentences offered by KM Chrysostom who quoted the infamous Colonel Nathan R Jessup.

KM Chrysostom's statement in the General Forum:

Diga's response to Ari reminds me of this scene in A Few Good Men between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.


Our world has walls and those walls are guarded by men with guns. Who's going to do it? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom....

...In that case, I suggest you take a weapon and stand guard yourself. In either way, I don't give a damn.

Diga ought to put this in his sig block:


I eat breakfast three hundred yards away from five thousand Cubans who are trained to kill me.

Colonel Nathan R Jessup, USMC
portrayed by Jack Nicholson
A Few Good Men

In all actuality, the actions that I have taken was in effect to maintain a level of security for the Tymarian Forum.  It is the Ministry of Defense's responsibility to ensure that the historical records and statements of these forums stay intact.  Should we fail, the very substance of the Tymarian State could possibly be destroyed forever.  Pending the outcome of the current Tymarian-Babkhan peace talks, will decide whether the ban on many of the Babkhan officials will be lifted.






Civil Registry being compiled in the General Forum  

The Civil Registry is currently being compiled within the General Forum and it is imperative that all citizens fill out the necessary biographical information.  An initiative created by KM Chrysostom will, in effect, be a virtual who's who listing of the Tymarian population.  The Civil Registry is a daunting task considering the extremely large population of Tymaria, but will be a great addition to the information that is already accumulating within the 10 page forum of the Tymarian National Forum.  KM Chrysostom will be creating a webpage similar to the Bioguide of the US Congress, in which all of the members of the current congress are listed.  If KM Chrysostom can complete this civil registry, this, may be the beginnings of an accurate Tymarian census.  To all Tymarian citizens, please take the time to fill out your biography so that this can be accomplished.





 United Imperium of Cognito and Lac Glacei join officially join Tymaria


Amid great celebration and parades, the United Imperium of Cognito and Lac Glacei has officially joined the United Republic of Tymaria.  The newest state in our union is currently governed by HHIM Emperor Jacobus, who gained the necessary votes within the House of Peoples for entry of his micronation.  During the vote there was some question as to whether the United Imperium reached the necessary quorum, but, since the issue of quorum has yet to be decided, it was deemed that the 5 Aye votes were enough to carry the United Imperium into the Union.






Intermicronational News
 Norton Awards Nominations Announced in Micro-Nations.org
Tymaria has been nominated in two categories for the Micro-Nations.org "Norton Awards".  The Norton Awards is a micronational take on the Nobel Prizes that are given to various accomplishments in the Macroworld.  This year's nominations can be seen in this link: http://www.molossia.org/nortonawards2001.html

Due to certain complaints within Tymaria, namely by yours truly, hopefully, this year's panel will be more, fair in their choosing of awards.  Last year's awards were compromised due to the fact that those not favored in the Micro-Nations.org clique, were not even considered.  There were several outstanding initiatives, micronationalists and ideas that didn't even get nominated, because the judges of the panel were extremely biased towards their own interests.

There is talk within Tymaria of creating a rival to the Norton Awards that will be fair and completely unbiased.  The TYMARIAN SUN will certainly keep you posted as to this development.


Sovereign Order Awards HIH Jihan I, Dame Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of the Cruciform Sword

In a private message to the Co-Regency of the Imperial Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa, KM Chrysostom informs the Imperial Sovereign of Q'attera-Macusiaa that the Sovereign Order has bestowed upon Empress Jihan I, this most prestigious order.  In addition to this announcement, the Knight Magistrate also informs the Co-Regency that the Constitutional Committee also gets the Sacrosanct Cross of Merit the Sovereign Order collectively, for the formation of the United Republic of Tymaria.

"Since it's Christmas day (here, at least) in accord with tradition, the Knight Magistrate of the SOCS bestows awards after a sumptuous breakfast.

I confirm that the sovereign of the IRQM, Jihan I, receives the position of Dame Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order, with the privilege of being addressed as 'Her Magnificence' and the suffixed initials DGC. That technically makes her the principal Dame or Knight to head a Commandery (unit composed of all knights within a micronational political sub-region).
FYI, the Constitutional Committee also gets the SCSO collectively, for the URT formation, but I haven't told em yet. Someone wanna break the news?

Here is a picture of the SCSO



click on image for further details...

  Tymaria's Premier Cultural Event

The EISTEDDFOD as explained by Minister Dafydd Young...

In the Tymarian Eisteddfod, I plan to hold the following events:
i. Best Poem - Competitors shall write a poem on any subject they choose. It may be of any form, haiku, sonnet, or otherwise. Originality and innovation will be taken into account.
ii. Best Song or Tune - Competitors shall compose and play any song. The song may be in any style, but must be in the format of .midi, .mp3, .wma or .wav. Lyrics may or may not be included depending on the wishes of the composer. Originality and innovation will be taken into account.
iii. Best Short Story - Split into fiction and non-fiction, this category is for those who wish to write a short story (4000 words or less). Originality and innovation will be taken into account.
iv. Best Image - Split into to categories, Computer Generated and Manually Generated (scanned in). The subject matter is of the artist's choice. Originality and innovation will be taken into account.
v. Best Computer Game - Maximum specification of computer able to run the game should be a Celeron 500mhz, 64mb RAM, 20mb HD and Windows 98. Mods and scenarios will be allowed. Special awards will be given for the judges' favourite games in a particular genre. Originality and innovation will be taken into account.

The Tymarian Eisteddfod will be (for the moment) judged by myself, the Minister for Culture and three people chosen at random from the Tymarian population excepting in cases where that person is a competitor him or herself. The Prime Executive shall award all prizes but shall not judge. Any micronationalist may enter.

The Prizes shall be as follows:
i. Event Prize, the MISTLETOE OF THE EISTEDDFOD - Awarded to the winner of each event. Those who hold this award may display the image of mistletoe in their signature or underneath their name in the Tymarian fora. Also 3,000.

ii. Overall Prize, the HIGH CHAIR OF TYMARIA - Awarded to the winner of the winners, that is, the winner who impressed the judges the most. The holder of this award may display the image of the Chair in their signature or underneath their name in the Tymarian fora. Also 2,000 (plus original 3,000)

iii. Runner Up Prizes, the WOODEN SPOON - Awarded to the two runners up in each category. Those who hold this award may disply the image of the wooden spoon in their signature or underneath their name in the Tymarian fora. Also 1,500.

---Dafydd Young

Head of the Tymarian Public Security Bureau





Terra Firma Proposes Unique Government Structure

Citizens of Terra Firma have been offered the choice of two types of government, a traditional federal republic modeled on American & German practices, or a
corporate council embodying the principles of sovereign individuality, with each citizen owning a share and the principal decision-making process being
by direct democracy, with the option of creating a small parallel representative democracy if desired by the citizenry. With the current government already
acting as a direct democracy under an emergency resolution, until such time as a constitution is adopted, insiders have hinted that the most likely outcome will be the adoption of the corporate council.  The final vote is expected to made by the New Year.

[Note to Editors: Terra Firma's URL is: http://www.geocities.com/onlinecountry]

Treesian News

The Dolphin Bartender Strikes Again!

Customers were reeling before Christmas when the newly-opened Bard's Bagpipes Tavern in Treesia was suddenly taken over by a dolphin. The incident happened when the regular proprietor, who uses the pseudonym of Geddeth the Half-Elf, was temporarily away from the bar. The situation was brought under
control when it was realized that the intruder was none other than that famous Finn, Ari Rahikkala.

Mr. Rahikkala was not available for comment, but intelligence sources have revealed that he has been surreptitiously expanding his 'circle of influence' throughout selected micronations and other political simulations during the past few months, although this event is not known to be connected with unsubstantiated sightings in November of an allegedly insane Babkhan warlord seen talking to a dolphin immediately after a gigantic nuclear explosion in the former Rulzcentia.

[The Bard's Bagpipe URL is: http://pub15.ezboard.com/fbaronyoftreesiafrm51]




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