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 The Editor's View Temporary Change of the Guard
To the Tymarian People,

Well, my sweet Marie is still out doing her macronational military duties and I am still playing "Mr. Mom".  Hopefully, she'll be back for the weekend and I can get a little break from my little ones! LOL!  Anyway, this week was pretty interesting and caused our nation to grow up a little in stature and knowledge.  Praised be the Maker that we didn't destroy ourselves attempting to make our micronation a little better for all!  Rumors and threats of Impeachment, Foreigners attempting to influence our politics, incriminating evidence found from several micronations that are targeting us.  You name it, this week it happened.  Since there was entirely too much happening to possibly write in this column, I will give you the big stories. 

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---His Imperial Highness, Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Q'attera




Tymarian News
Tymaria-Lyrica Mutual Defense Treaty Postponed.  Treaty of Friendship still possible

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 05 December- 14 December 2001

This week in Tymaria was pretty volatile due to the continuing issue of the banning of Peter Hickey and Peter Krembs of the the Lyrican Republic from Tymaria.  The two Lyrican citizens, who followed Jacobus to Tymaria for no other reason than to attempt to keep Jacobus from gaining citizenship within Tymaria, vocally attacked Jacobus, by calling him "a criminal" and a "destabilizer of nations".

Citizens of Tymaria were for the most part split on the issue, with the citizens that maintain dual Tymarian-Lyrican citizenship supporting strong alliance with Lyrica.  Many of the citizens that maintained singular citizenship pushed for friendship with Lyrica but were concerned about the strong anti-Tymarian rhetoric coming from the Lyrican Prime Minister, Peter Hickey.  Hickey, angered by Emperor Jacobus' citizenship in Tymaria sought to railroad his application by making harsh statements against Jacobus and his Tymarian supporters in Lyrica, since, he has been banned from Tymaria.  Tymarian supporters of Jacobus responded within the Lyrican forum, but chose to keep comments somewhat muted since there was not the desire to escalate the issue further.  Now, many have chosen to completely ignore Mr. Hickey and Krembs' comments, since they are not willing to conduct themselves in a proper manner.

To negotiate a deal that would be mutually acceptable, Mark Hanson, the Secretary-General of the LOM sought to have the Tymarian government un-ban Peter Hickey and Peter Krembs, since Emperor Jacobus has finally paid the settlement that was brought against him in Lyrican courts.  During the week, it seemed as though the treaty would come to pass, but last minute threats and hostile tone continued to come from the Lyrican Prime Minister.

Prime Executive Austi Scot, determined that while Tymaria would enter into a constructive friendship with the Lyrican Republic, he felt that both nations should focus on that and build stronger relations rather than initiate a mutual defense treaty.  

Statement from the Prime Executive:

Concerning a treaty with Lyrica:

It shall be my request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to proceed with talks to Lyrica. It is my hope that this will be done via our Ambassador to Lyrica and the Lyrican Ambassador to Tymaria, but that decision ultimately rest in the hands of our Minister.

Step one) Each nation needs to appoint their Ambassador to the other nation.

Kuralyov has been appointed as the Tymarian Ambassador to Lyrica previously. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is free to change that appointment if he wishes. Also the House of Nations has the Constitutional right to dismiss an Ambassador.

I am not aware of who is the Lyrican Ambassador to Tymaria.

Step 2) Each nation would need to inform the other if they accept the appointed Ambassador from the other. If Kuralyov is not an acceptable ambassador to the Lyrican government they need only inform Tymaria and we shall withdraw his appointment.

It will not be acceptable to Tymaria to receive either Peter Hickey or Pete Krembs as ambassadors.

Step 3) It is my desire that Tymaria and Lyrica will first attempt to develop foreign relations through other means than an immediate treaty.

We must learn to develop our friendship first.

Tymaria has an economy that is starting up. I request our Minister of Foreign Affairs to have his Ambassador invite Lyrican citizens, other than Peter Hickey at the moment, to consider becoming involved in this economy. (Peter Hickey can join if and when he is cleared of the charges).

Each Lyrican citizen might have a bank account here and be involved in the stock market as well as business activity. The details should be worked out with the Minister of Finance, Julian Starr, through our Ambassadors.

Tymaria has a University system. I request our Minister of Foreign Affairs to have his Ambassador invite Lyrican citizens (again other than Peter Hickey until he is cleared of the charges) to become students and professors in the University. The details should be worked out with the Chancellor of the University, Dan Dreesbach, through our Ambassadors.

There are other areas that I think could be a way to develop our friendships. Perhaps our Minister of Culture, Bill Dusch, could develop some things in our museum and discussions in our Philosophical Grounds along with other cultural events between our two nations.

I would like to put all discussion concerning our respective military forces to the side for the time being. We will have plenty of time to discuss our mutual defense. Right now each nation is capable of providing their own defense.

Your servant,
Austi Scot
Prime Executive

From what has been stated within the forum, talks may continue for a simple treaty of friendship, but with the continued ill will between certain citizens in both micronations, this too could affect a decision on future relations.





Conway's Articles of Impeachment Shelved
During the beginning of the Prime Executive's vacation, last week, Senator of Machiavellia, Major Edward Conway drafted Articles of Impeachment against Prime Executive Austi Scot for perceived abuses of power over the Prime Exec's decision to remove the Administration powers of several ministers and for the arbitrary banning of Peter Hickey and Peter Krembs of Lyrica.

Support for this move came mainly from the Free Republic who supported Minister Young who had his Admin. Powers stripped after 30 minutes.  Despite all the calls for the Prime Executive to face impeachment, the military and several supporters of Mr. Scot mounted a campaign that focused on the rabble rousing of Mr. Hickey and Mr. Krembs.  In addition there were long debates as to the constitutional powers of the Prime Executive, and it was found that he had indeed been within his authority, despite the unpopular decisions.

Major Conway issued a statement on the 9th of December formally withdrawing the Articles of Impeachment under pressure by Marshal Noseworthy who was furious over the Major's actions.  Marshal Noseworthy also sought to bring up charges against Major Conway because he felt that the oath of office was explicit in stating that absolute support of the military was to be given to the Prime Executive and the Constitution.  Min. of Defense, Lord Diga placed his advice to the two officers and a mutually agreed solution was found.  The Articles were withdrawn and no punitive actions were to be taken against Major Conway.

Major Conway did bring to light several issues that must be addressed by the Tymarian Federal Government or it will run the risk of falling into a situation that could cause the downfall of the Republic.  Focus on formally outlining the various responsibilities between the ministries and the ministers that control them have been brought before both Houses of Legislature.





House of Peoples finally opened and active
The House of Peoples has finally gotten past the impasse of lack of activity due to the intricate forum that the Speaker, KM Chrysostom created.  Now, the legislative assembly has decided to operate on the main Tymarian forum and has a bill that will transfer the bills that were being discussed in the House of Nations, to the House of Peoples.

In addition to the huge amount of bills and acts to be considered, due to the inactivity, disagreements over States Rights and the University Act have come up due to Atteran Senator Lord Diga's stance against Yardistani Senator Brrapa Lu Eraro's attempt at punishing the military for intervention during the Yardistani Revolt. 

With this new activity, the House of Peoples must catch up on legislation that has piled up over the last few weeks.  With the public basically discarding the forum of the Speaker, it remains to be seen what he will do by way of response.





 Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the "Beard Doctrine"

Foreign Minister, Ras Bitwoded Charles, the Great has started negotiations with several nations that wish to enter into a mutually recognized relationship with Tymaria.  The Ras has been extremely busy discussing several issues with respect to relations with various micronations and has already brought this inactive ministry to full activity.  Ras Bitwoded Charles also has created a formulation that will outline how Tymaria will conduct it's affairs and has named it after himself, "THE BEARD DOCTRINE".  The Beard Doctrine has been sent to the House of People's for codification into law and it seems as though it will certainly pass with no main opposition.

From first look at the Beard Doctrine has many elements that are similar to the various initiatives that have been used in the Micronational community, but has a great overall outlook with respect to Tymaria's excellent activity level.  What has been observed, similarities with the various policies will be listed below:  It calls for strong defense and makes it known that Tymaria will not tolerate any encroachment on it's sovereignty- Aggressive Foreign Policy.  International Toleration- BNEp and the HOPE which both sought to break down stereotypes and cliques within micronationalism.  Friendship of New Nations- Reunion's Foreign Policy, the BNEp with assistance to new nations with respect to their sovereignty.  Breakdown of Language Barriers- Julian Starr's Unity Forum where efforts to break down the barriers of the Lusophone and Anglophone communities are underway.  International Trade-The ICEO and the active economies of the former Apollo Sector.

Ras Bitwoded Charles should have no problem with gaining full support in the House of Peoples for his outstanding effort.  For a detailed look, a copy of the Beard Doctrine has been placed below:

The Beard Doctrine


The Foreign Ministry of the United Republic of Tymaria, representing the Sovereign Will of the People, in order to further the causes of international peace and equality, do hereby set forth these policies in order to accomplish our goals.

Goals of the Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes to accomplish:

1. The Safety of Tymaria- We seek to peaceably protect the sovereign borders of Tymaria and the individual rights her citizens share. Under no circumstances will the Ministry tolerate encroachment on Tymarian sovereignty and will take any peaceable steps necessary to divert any such attempt.
2. International Toleration- We hope to advance peace and unity among all nations while respecting the sovereignty and individuality of all. We seek to eliminate the stereotypes of the various “sectors” of micronationalism and help create a micro-world where all are welcome and given a chance. The Ministry realizes that there are some policies and goals that all nations will never agree on, but we hope to foster discussion and mutual respect among the micronational camps. The Foreign Ministry believes that all micronations have the right to exist without prejudice, with respect to their political beliefs or long-term goals.
3. The Friendship of New Nations- We shall aid new micronations that request it, and help their countries become established and respected. The Foreign Ministry shall demonstrate to such nations the paths to follow and the pitfalls to avoid, and help them gain true micronational stature. We shall do this willingly and gladly, but under no circumstances shall the Foreign Ministry encroach on any nation’s sovereignty or seek to influence the internal affairs of nations, unless specifically authorized.
4. The Breakdown of Language Barriers- The Ministry shall attempt to gain the friendship of all nations, regardless of national language. Whether a nation is Anglophone, Lusophone, or anything else, Tymaria has something to learn from it and we shall strive to create amity between us.
5. International Trade- The Foreign Ministry shall work closely with the Ministry of Financial Affairs to generate a working, international commerce. In order to preserve the Tymarian economic system, we realize that we must make it the standard of all micronational economies. However, we shall always be open to improvements and modifications from both within and without Tymaria.


1. A nation seeking the recognition of Tymaria shall e-mail the Foreign Ministry (tyformin@diplomats.com). The subject line shall be “Recognition Request”. The nation is expected to include all pertinent information, including (if applicable) URLs to websites, fora, and any contact information. A response shall be made in the coming days.
2. All decisions regarding recognition and the appointment and recall of ambassadors are the exclusive prerogative of the Foreign Minister.
3. Any nation engaging in relations with Tymaria may request an exchange of ambassadors. Tymaria may also make this request. Ambassadors shall be the first negotiators in case of a conflict between Tymaria and the other nation. Tymarian ambassadors shall also report to the foreign nation the goings-on in Tymaria as deemed necessary by said nation.
4. Should a treaty of any sort be requested, the ambassadors shall begin negotiations. In such cases, the Foreign Minister or the Prime Executive may also negotiate on behalf of Tymaria. The finalized treaties shall be ratified in accordance with the laws of the nations signatory.


In order to accomplish our goals, the Foreign Ministry shall be active in recognizing nations as well as the defending them in times of crisis. We value our alliances and our friendships! All we request is that other nations give us this same honor.

HH Ras Bitwoded Charles Beard
Prime Minister of Q'attera-Macusiaa
Imperial High Judge of Q'attera-Macusiaa






Intermicronational News
 Reunion's Chancellor suffers heart attack
Reunion's Imperial Chancellor, Viscount Alberto Fioravanti suffered a heart attack last Saturday.  Many micronations have expressed their sincere concern to the Viscount and have wished for his speedy recovery.  In a statement issued by the Reunian Government, Emperor Claudio I, has given a detailed account of what transpired with the Viscount.  His message is below:

Allies and friends,
              Esteemed Micronationalists:

                              The Holy Empire of Réunion is very sad to inform that our Imperial Chancellor, Viscount Alberto Fioravanti of Leme-Machado (afioravant@aol.com ) has suffered a heart-attack last Saturday, and because of that all the communications directed to the Imperial Chancellery must be sent to Vice-Chancellor  Baron Tiago Carmona of Santa Cruz ( tcarmona@terra.com.br ), who will be in charge until the return of the Viscount to his official duties.
                              Chancellor Fioravanti is currently sixty-one years old, lives in the city of Campos (Brazil) and has taken over the position of Imperial Chancellor of the Holy Empire on last September, right after the retirement of Duke Jeremy Johnson of Marapendi (jerj@home.com ), who is now in charge of our diplomatic relations with the francophone micronations. 
                              The Viscount is O.K. now; he has just left the Intensive Care Unit, and is resting in a regular Hospital Room right now. Still very tired, he contacted me on the phone affirming that he is very confident that he shall have a prompt recovery, and that he shall be at home in a few days. The good people of Réunion are very sure that all micronationalists will unite with us in our prayers for the Viscount.



                                                in true micronationalism,

                                                HHIM Claudio I,

                                                Emperor of Reunion

On behalf of the Tymarian Sun, to the Viscount, we offer our sincere concern and wish for the Viscount's recovery.  As of yet, the Tymarian Foreign Ministry has yet to make a formal statement, since it has just become operational, but the citizens of Tymaria express our feelings of relief to the Reunian citizens in this tragic time.





Spirit of the Apollo Sector Lives On in Treesia

KOROCH, TREESIA - This week saw the annual winter forum-dressing ceremony take place in Treesia. This ancient custom originated in other nations of the
Apollo Sector. Head of State Baron Eoin Dornan said "As the Barony is now the premier nation in the Sector, it is our duty to maintain these traditions as they are part of our heritage." The newly-dressed fora will be open to visitors for the rest of the winter at: http://pub15.ezboard.com/bbaronyoftreesia

In additional news from Treesia,

Barony Opens First Off-topic Forum

KOROCH, TREESIA - In keeping with its mediaeval theme, the Barony of Treesia & Fabon has opened the 'Bard's Bagpipes' tavern, its first off-topic forum. Baron Eoin Dornan said, "It is vital that we keep up with the times. Although the Barony held out against modernization for as long as possible, we needed to stop the outflow of valuable spam to off-topic fora in neighbouring states. However, as the sign says, we welcome everyone, especially minstrels, poets and bored anarchists." The 'Bard's Bagpipes' may be found at: http://pub15.ezboard.com/fbaronyoftreesiafrm51



Terra Firma Embarks on the Long Road to Recovery 

Today (Dec 16th) the nation of Terra Firma started its long-awaited renaissance. Newly-elected President Iain Jacobson said: " This is a unique opportunity for Terra Firma to re-establish itself in the micronational world." Until the New Year, the current council will focus on completing its constitution, before resuming
normal business. The council is at present operating as a direct democracy and political experts say that there is a strong possibility that this may continue in the medium-term.

The new Vice-President is Daniel Dreesbach.

The official election results were:
Iain Jacobson (President) - 75%
Daniel Dreesbach (Vice-President) - 25%
Overall Turnout - 80%

Terra Firma may be found at:

- Inscriptvs News Agency




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