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 The Editor's View Temporary Change of the Guard
To the Tymarian People,

Keeping the tradition that my Rasana started, I, HIH Diga Makonnen IV will take up the great reporting on micronational events that transpire within our great nation.  I hope that while she is gone, that we Tymarians generate newsworthy stories that will give other micronations plenty to think about and to consider when dealing with our government.  It is my endeavor to make sure that any bias that I may have against any micronational personality or government does not spill over into this periodical and I promise that I will do my best to be objective and fair as possible.  With that, I write my first of many articles for the TYMARIAN SUN.

If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the IRQM and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

---His Imperial Highness, Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Q'attera



Tymarian News
Calls for one forum for the House of Peoples

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 26 November- 03 December 2001

Upon creation of the extremely detailed House of Peoples forums by Knight Magistrate Chrysostom, there have been calls from many senators for less bureaucracy and a single forum similar to the House of Nations forum on the main Tymarian Board.   A bill in the House of Nations calls for streamlining the House of Peoples, and all Senators except for HIH Marie I of Attera-Macusiaa, who likes large forums, agreed that it should be made smaller.  In the course of the discussions on this bill, it was pointed out by Senator T. Au of Machiavellia that the discussions on the various bills: The Makonnen Tyawards Act, The Tymarian Copyright Act, The Call for the "Geneva Proposal" and the Bill to Streamline the House of Peoples, may not even be discussed in the House of Nations.  The charge against an extremely detailed forum was led by Chancellor Rhodes who wrote the bill and backed by Senator Dusch and many others.  This situation has led KM Chrysostom to go on the defensive, but he is responding very cordially to the situation, even while the issue could seriously turn into a showdown between the two legislative heads in the next few weeks. Here is the breakdown of what each House is responsible for:

Powers of the House of Peoples:

*pass regular measures
*impeach the Prime Executive or a High Judge
*merge United Republic with another nation
*annex a new nation into the Republic
*allow a region to leave and become independent

Powers of the House of Nations:

*confirm executive appointments to ministries
*declare war on the request of the Chancellor
*ratify treaties
*remove ministers
*hold impeachment trials of the Prime Executive or a High Judge
*remove ambassadors and ministers

Since it is now common knowledge as to what each house does, now all of the bills and acts in the House of Nations must be moved to the House of Peoples for discussion and vote.



Tymarian Citizens' list has been published
The unofficial  national citizens list has been published by KM Chrysostom who after only a few corrections has finally released the final copy.  This list has been something that many citizens have been waiting for, especially the Minister of Home Affairs, Red Liberator so that this can be included in the National Website that he is currently drafting.  Another group of individuals that have been requesting an accurate list is the Ministry of Defense.  The lack of knowing exactly who was a citizen was one of the reasons for the temporary suspension of classes in the Makonnen Academy of Military Sciences by Lord Diga.  His reasoning was this, "I feel that before the Academy opens in full force, an accurate list of who is a citizen should be posted, so that, I can know who to take in to the Academy and who to exclude.  For me not to know is risking several subjects that are of extreme sensitivity, to the prying eyes of certain micronations.  They'd love to send in someone to see what is being taught in the Academy and before that happens, I will ensure that at least an unofficial list is posted so that I can have something solid, so to maintain our security to acceptable levels."

At current, there are 29 citizens with a few pending.  


No Home Region

Prime Executive

First Lady

Honorary Citizen


Minister of Research and Education;
Senator from Yardistan

Governor (Yardistan)

Minister of Justice

Head of the Reserve Bank of Tymaria



Minister of Defense & Marshal of the TDF;
Senator from Attera-Macusiaa

Senator from Attera-Macusiaa
Major, TDF

Governor (Attera-Macusiaa)

Senator from Attera-Macusiaa


Chancellor & President, House of Nations;
Governor (Machiavellia)

Senator from Machiavellia

Speaker of the House of Peoples

Citizen of Machiavellia

Atteran Kingdom of Argaal

Governor (Atteran Kingdom of Argaal)
Senator from Atteran Kingdom of Argaal

Citizen of Atteran Kingdom of Argaal



Senator from Tapfer
Minister of Culture

Chief Justice
Senator from Tapfer

Archivist of the United Republic of Tymaria


Governor (Hyperborea)
Senator from Hyperborea?

Citizen of Hyperborea

Free Republic

Senator from the FR
National Security Advisor
Marshal of TYSOG

Senator from the FR
Minister of Home Affairs

Senator from the FR


Senator from Interland

Senator from Interland
Minister of Finance

Senator from Interland

Senator from Interland
Marshal of the Tymarian Army
Speaker Presumptive of the House of Peoples
Chief of Executive Staff


 Emperor Jacobus petitions for the United Imperium of Cognito and Lac Glacei to join Tymaria 

It seems as though Tymaria may be growing even larger with the addition of another micronation- The United Imperium.  The United Imperium under the rule of the controversial Emperor Jacobus, has petitioned to join Tymaria to the delight of some and the dismay of others.  The Emperor has been admiring Tymaria for some time now, issued this statement in the House of Nations forum.

"As I have noted in the General Forum, The United Imperium of Cognito & Lac Glacei makes formal application for admission to the Tymarian Union.

We will not divide, and request the smallest amount of representation.

What further action does the Union ask/expect of us?


Emperor Jacobus has made it known that the United Imperium will not divide further into other states as many of the other micronations of Tymaria have.  What remains to be seen is whether the Emperor will be a major issue of contention with former political enemies that he has had past dealings with, that are also citizens of Tymaria.  While some feel that he may only bring contention and discord to Tymaria, he certainly has the support of Lord Diga who has known the wily statesman for over 3 years.  Will this be the beginning of a move to bring Tymaria closer to a monarchy, some micronationalists have stated that this may be the case, but with the anti-monarchist sentiment from the majority of the Tymarian population during the Constitutional Convention, this looks to be a long shot.


Finally satisfied that the security measures in the Tymarian National Forum are up to his standards, Lord Diga has reopened the Makonnen Academy of Military Sciences for it's first semester.  On December 3rd, the first class was posted up on the secure forum and amid limited fanfare, the Minister of Defense has started a grueling regimen that will be both tough and fun at the same time.  
The instructors of these courses will come from the military itself and the Minister of Defense has begun grooming his Brigadiers and Marshals by placing them in the "hot seat" of instruction by giving them one week to prepare their courses that will be taught later in the school year.

While many of these courses are similar to the courses that were taught to the Xhargh Feydakeen and the Shaagadan (the Imperial Defense Forces of the Rasinate and the Rasinate Secret Service), Lord Diga has changed the format somewhat by giving the other instructors wide range of freedom to gather and research their subjects.  Lord Diga mentioned that he has given little direction to his fellow instructors so as to allow for a slightly different approach to the regular military fare.  Some were worried for lack of ideas of what to teach, Lord Diga eased their concern by saying, "Gentlemen, quit stressing. You are on a computer that is basically a portal to the internet. Go to Google.com and get creative. I am not going to tell you how to "peel your egg".  But I want you all to have some fun doing this. Don't see it as a chore, see it as passing information around, and then in a few weeks, make sure that your soldiers give classes. That way we all learn from each other, rather than the traditional method. This method is called the "Team Building" concept and it is highly effective. You learn more from your friends than you could from any old stodgy professor who smells like bad tobacco on a hot sunny day."  Once he reassured them that they had complete freedom and instilled a cooperative team spirit in them, the Marshals were at ease and looking forward to the experience.


Intermicronational News
This week Tymaria gained an unanimous vote to take the Atteran seat in LOSS.  The IRQM was the only micronation in Tymaria to still maintain a seat in LOSS and by resolution, has been deemed as the precursor state to Tymaria for representation purposes in LOSS.  If this move was not taken by the Rasinate Imperial Government, Tymaria would have had to wait for 6 months before even applying to join.  Also, this would have created a situation in which Lord Diga would have had to give up his post as Secretary-General.  

In the Tymarian Forum, Lord Diga posted the results and informed Prime Executive Scot that he would have to place an ambassador to replace Ras Bitwoded Charles.  Upon reading the announcement, Mr. Scot stated that he would represent Tymaria since Tymaria does not have a Foreign Minister as of yet. 

Which brings us to a related story.  Chancellor Rhodes demanded that a Foreign Minister be appointed as soon as possible since the Prime Executive has his own duties to perform.   Earlier in the week Chancellor Rhodes nominated Edward Conway, the former Foreign Minister of Alexandros and this suggestion was seconded by Lord Diga who felt that Mr. Conway would be an excellent choice.  The Prime Executive, still pending his decision, has yet to respond, but to add further coercion, the Chancellor made this comment, "As Chancellor, I have seen no law proposed, either in the Senate or the Congress, allowing for a change in this form. And *although* there may be *regulation* in the delegation of powers & duties, I have not yet seen an annulment of this fact. We have existed for well over a month. We have been yoked to a common star by our joining of the LOSS. Having placed our orb on an inspired course around this small cosmos of ours, we still lack a navigator to watch afar and warn us of impending collisions. I have seen proposals for this lofty office, but no appointments. Let us have SOMEONE!

In short: Where is our Foreign Minister, Mr. Executive?


Terra Firma to hold Presidential Elections

The formerly dormant micronation Terra Firma is slowly coming back to life following the effective resignation of Kevin Tennent as leader earlier this year. Consequently an election for a new president has been declared, to be held over two weeks from December 1st.

The government is likely approve a resolution to resume normal business only after it has finalised its constitution. There are indications that some major revisions to the current draft are in the pipeline,
leading analysts to predict that this is unlikely to happen until the New Year.

It also seems likely that no immigration or emigration of citizens will be permitted until after the elections. Meanwhile, all existing citizens have been invited to make nominations and to vote for candidates.
Whether this activity leads to a full-scale revival of Terra Firma remains to be seen.

**Minor Stories**
The Barony of Treesia & Fabon is holding a poll to decide the name of its first official off-topic forum.

Scott Siskind's disappearance for the past couple of weeks was caused by faulty internet access.

- Inscriptvs News Agency 


If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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