Edition # 4 Editor-HIH Marie I of Macusiaa  

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 The Editor's View  Chaotic Changes in Tymaria
To the Tymarian People,

To many that felt that Tymaria was about to explode this week, were in for a shock!  In a situation that changed Tymaria and the various notables that run this mighty nation, new friendships and new situations arose out of what has been dubbed the Yardistan Revolt.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be my last edition for a while as my macronational duties will take me away from my beloved Ras, Diga Makonnen, my children and my Tymaria.  In my place will be Lord Diga himself who has promised to maintain this important window into this new and exciting experiment in micronational activity.  Upon my return which may be after several months, I will pick up and run with the Tymarian Sun.  In my absence, I wish you all good luck and may the Almighty watch over our great micronation.

If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the IRQM and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

---Her Imperial Highness, Marie I of Macusiaa



Tymarian News

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 20 Novemeber-26 November 2001

Amid the peace and calm of Tymaria's forums there was one area of discontent this week.  In Shireroth, one of the states that were created out of the Hegemony of Alexandros during the Constitutional Convention, exists a district known as Yardistan.  Yardistan, an Anarchic Monarchy where annexations of everything from toothbrushes and people's foreheads to other micronations and micronational citizens are held in high esteem, burst on the scene by annexing Mr. Whit.  Mr. Whit a citizen of Interland responded with his own annexations, albeit tongue in cheek.  After several posts over the course of a week, the annexations between Whit and Nick the Yardistani Ruler, went from inside joke to extreme seriousness.  By the 24th, things had gone completely out of control where Nick the Yardistani mentioned offhandedly that he could respond with a spam cannon.  The next day the Prime Executive, Mr. Scot responded by ordering Nick to remove the comment and apologise. Nick refused and the situation continued to spiral out of control with other citizens joining in the argument.  Kaiser Metzler joined in the Yardistani cause since Yardistan had annexed his state of Shireroth earlier that day.  The Prime Executive called in Minister of Defense Diga Makonnen who immediately moved to diffuse the situation by sending his Marshal of the Army, Marshal Noseworthy to issue orders to the Yardistani Government to yield to Tymarian Authority and to give up the spam cannon.  Again the Yardistani government declined and Marshal Makonnen called for Yardistan and Shireroth to "get packing".  Within a few hours, realizing that the situation could very well cause a major spam attack from both the Tymarian military and the Yardistanis, Marshal Makonnen called for calm and pressured all to cool off and negotiate.  The negotiations apparently went very well with the inclusion of both Nick the Yardistani and the Prime Executive, who both apologized for making the situation more serious with threats and demands. 

The main winners of this incident were the Yardistani government who negotiated protectorate status within Tymaria which would give them freedom to annex things in peace and more freedom than the states.  Other winners were the Tymarian military who proved that the military is not completely bent on conquest, but is willing to negotiate peace especially if it means keeping Tymaria one nation.

Lessons learned by this revolt is that the Tymarian government desperately needs to get it's laws and justice system working immediately.  Without laws, and active courts to try individuals, it is virtually a police state in a sense because the military had to step in because of lack of a police force.  Although Marshal Makonnen has publicly stated that the Tymarian Defense Forces will never step in to govern Tymaria except for situations where there someone illegally moved against the government such as to topple it, or if the Prime Executive was removed from power by impeachment and a new one must be elected, there were concerns about the use of the military on Tymarian soil.  Another lesson was that there must be legislation that will clearly determine what can be done by disgruntled states or populations.    

Overall this situation could have torn the micronation apart, but due to the quick thinking and level headedness of outstanding individuals, Tymaria has survived it's first internal crisis with minimal pain and suffering.   



Tymarian Web page construction underway


The national web page is currently being built on Geocities.com by the Minister of Home Affairs, Red Liberator and his assistant Dafydd Young.  The extremely talented duo have taken several suggestions from the citizens and have started creating a web page with excellent design layout.  Red Liberator has mentioned that the inclusion of sound files, flashes and plenty of cool colors will be used in the making of the web page.  While work continues on the web page, many long hours will be spent to make this representation of Tymaria a site worth visiting.  Upon completion, the TYMARIAN SUN will certainly provide the link to this impressive work of art.



The election for Speaker of the House of Peoples has ended in a three way tie.  To rectify this situation KM Chrysostom has offered a plan in which all three will rotate as speaker for a thirty day period.  This plan has been blessed by the Prime Executive as a wise decision since it would cause a severe backlog in legislation in the House of Peoples if there was another two week long runoff election.  KM Chrysostom will be the first speaker and has already established a detailed forum in which the direct democracy house of legislation can finally get down to handling issues that are already affecting Tymaria.


HH Ras Bitwoded Charles goes into semi retirement
The great Atteran micronationalist, Ras Bitwoded, Charles Beard has announced his limited participation in the Tymarian government due to health concerns.  The Tymarian Government received word that the Ras was hospitalized due to chest problems.  Soon after the announcement was made, Ras Bitwoded Charles clarified the statement and said that he was undergoing tests because of a viral infection.  While there were well wishes and extreme concern, Ras Bitwoded Charles is doing fine, but he resigned his post as Foreign Minister and announced that he would not take his turn in the Speaker of the House of Peoples rotation.  Charles still maintains his post as Prime Minister of the IRQM, but will spend less time in government.


Intermicronational News
 Reunion Blasts the Male Caliphate in the LOM
This week in micronationalism, the main story has been Reunion's attempt at stopping the Male Caliphate of Brazil from joining the League of Micronations.  Again from HHIM Claudio of Reunion, he has requested from all allies, that the Male Caliphate be barred from joining the League, yet once again.  The Male Caliphate, earlier this year made several harsh comments about Reunion and supported Reunion's enemies in an effort to slander the name of Empress Roberta and Emperor Claudio.  In a heated statement, Reunion equated the Male Caliphate to Campos Bastos, which was caught earlier this year, spying on several Lusophone micronations.  Here is Emperor Claudio's impassioned speech to the League of Micronations.

The Holy Empire of Réunion could not remain silent while the vile nation known as "Male Caliphate of Brazil" tries, once again, to become a member of this respectful organization. Such micronation has proven to be of belligerent nature, endeavoring actions of espionage and pathetic verbal offenses against member-states.

       The "caliph" has not stopped, since the last time they attempted to enter this body, to behave like a childish fool, saying such stupidities as the old "Réunion is nazi"  or filthy offenses against the good people of Réunion, its monarchy and authorities. 
       We must HALT this one more attempt; the "caliphate"  has proved not to be worthy to be amongst us, serious, good micronations once again, and thus should NOT be allowed to have a seat - be it effective or observer, for this league MUST NOT cope with their actions against some member-states and all micronationalism.
       That micronation is unworthy of being here, and their very presence here can damage the image of the League, and indeed turn this Body into the house of topsy turviness and chaos. Against that, Sirs and Madams, we must fight.  And this is why the Holy Empire of Réunion comes here, once again, proven the crimes and other hideous actions committed by the "caliph" and his followers, to ask that we, as one, VOTE AGAINST their membership, so that the league remains safe, now and forever, from the interference of those people, whose new actions against peace and order have again shown that their presence here is against the interests of the league and micronationalism in general.
       While some micronations sometimes learn and grow, as it seems to be the case with the "Participative Republic of Campos Bastos", whose representatives have apologized for their terrible offenses and crimes against micronationalism and Réunion, that "caliphate"  reiterates their hideous practices every new day.   Réunion wishes that, one day, Male will turn from a criminal State into an honourable one, and then we shall indeed  embrace them as our colleagues in this League.
         We trust that the allies and friends of Réunion, and even those with whom we do not agree so often will see the need, the URGENT need, for a response to all the crimes committed by Male, and that respond must be a loud NO to their presence amongst us.  And that response must come clear, so that the entire micronational world will realize that this is a serious body of serious nations, deeply committed to the cause of good micronationalism.



If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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