Edition # 2 Editor-HIH Marie I of Macusiaa  

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 The Editor's View  Tymaria Charges Full Steam Ahead
To the Tymarian People,

Tymaria's remarkable rise to micronational prominence is currently underway and has impacted the micronational scene on a large scale.  It's my opinion that with the current interest in getting this first Tymarian government off the ground, we will be a force that will continue to achieve great things and generate cooperation not only within Tymaria, but also outside.

If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the IRQM and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

---Her Imperial Highness, Marie I of Macusiaa



Tymarian News
Elections and Confirmations continue

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 16 November 2001

Prime Executive Austi Scot has requested his choices for the various ministers of his cabinet and all of the citizens that have been chosen have run into no opposition whatsoever.  From the messages in the forum, it seems as though this process will be extremely smooth with the many ministries about to be placed with enthusiastic ministers all expressing the willingness to work and move forward with the governing process.

The Prime Executive's choices are:

Ministry of Home Affairs- Red Liberator

Ministry of Justice- Ryan Caruso

Ministry of Research and Education- Erik Metzler

Ministry of Defense- HIH Diga Makonnen IV

Minister of Financial Affairs- Julian Starr

Minister of Culture- Bill Dusch

Chancellor of the House of Nations- Jason Rhodes

So far, all of the prospective ministers are awaiting confirmation except for the Chancellor of the House of Nations which is Jason Rhodes who took his oath of office on Wednesday, 15 November 01.  The House of Nations which bases it's representation on the Acts of Union, states that all states are allowed up to 4 Senators.  Whether a state sends 4 Senators or not is determined by the state itself, but since Tymaria is still in it's infant stage, many states will not send the required 4, due to limitations caused by lack of citizens.  At current, the House of Nations, is waiting on the final two senators, one from Interland and one from Hyperborea.

In the House of Peoples, the Direct Democracy house of legislation, the election for speaker is well underway.  With the formation of a mailing list that has been turned into a voter registration place, several citizens have chosen to add their names to the list so that they will be permitted to vote in this most important election.  The election for House Speaker will be hotly contested between KM Chrysostom, Ras Bitwoded Charles and Mr. Noseworthy.  This election, is of great importance because every citizen will be represented in the House of Peoples and with an accurate list of citizens, Tymaria will be able to determine once and for all, who is Tymarian and who isn't.  





This week, Shah Babak and Minister Ataxerxes paid the Tymarian Forum a visit to rally Tymarian support for our inclusion in the Grand Coalition to help solve the ongoing crisis in Morovia.  The Shah applauded Tymarian interest in this affair and then cast a few choice words to the liberal elements within Tymaria.  The PRP voiced extreme outrage toward the comments equating them to the Communist inspired Tudeh party of Iran and voiced major opposition to the Shah's presence in the forum.  Kuralyov mentioned several past incidents that he had with the Babkhan government in the past.  HIH Marie joined with Kuralyov's anger against Babkha stating that the Babkhan government had past run-ins with the IRQM.  HIH Marie's anger goes back to the Micronation's Today forum in which the IRQM supported Babkha against the consistent vilification of the Corvinian government which called the Babkhan history, "Fictional and a pack of lies."

At current the Tymarian government expresses no definite opinion on establishing relations with Babkha since there is no Foreign Minister appointed as of yet.  Once there is a Foreign Minister, it is a known that relations with Babkha will be the topic of heated discussion.



The election for Speaker of the House of Peoples is currently underway in the United Republic of Tymaria.  The choices for this important legislative post are HH Ras Bitwoded Charles, Knight Magistrate Chrysostom and Mr. Noseworthy.  In this poll, the vote appears relatively even, though the turn out for the poll is rather small despite calls from HIH Marie and Mr. Starr to get out and vote.  Due to the complaints that were levied against Mr. Starr by a few citizens, HIH Marie created a forum strictly for elections in Yahoogroups.  She states that this forum is the most secure that she has dealt with and feels that this election will also serve to be a sort of census, to determine the actual population, with e-mail address included for each.  The election for this post will end on 22 November 01, and it is requested that all citizens of Tymaria vote, since this is for the Direct Democracy house of the Tymarian Legislature.

You can vote at the following location: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tymarianelections

During the campaign, KM Chrysostom has issued his seven points manifesto that outlines in intimate detail how his post will be should he win the election.  This manifesto can be read here.

Ras Bitwoded Charles, has met the challenge by issuing his standing rules (here) and answering questions that have been offered by the citizens, such as what he would do as far as instituting the use of committees in the House of Peoples.

Mr. Noseworthy has yet to comment.


HH Ras Bitwoded Charles nominated to be Tymaria's First Foreign Minister
With rising concerns that Tymaria has no representation in the main intermicronational organizations and no current policies that will affect micronational relations, Prime Executive Austi Scot has nominated Ras Bit. Charles to be Tymaria's first Foreign Minister.  Ras Bitwoded Charles has broad experience in the micronational scene where at first he was the King of Tulsa, he became well respected in LOSS and across the micronational world as an enlightened monarch and wise leader.  Upon the disintegration of the Kingdom of Tulsa, Ras Bit. Charles, joined the IRQM and immediately dominated the government as Prime Minister and Ambassador to LOSS.  In the IRQM Ras Bit. Charles was seen as the main advisor to the Co-Regency and was responsible for tempering the rampant militarism that was a trademark of the Atteran State.  

Ras Bit. Charles is currently awaiting confirmation by the various citizens and it is thought that he will achieve the support of most if not all fellow members of the government for this post.


Intermicronational News
 TorHavn Launches the Images of Majesty Database
This week the TorHavn government launched an initiative called the Images of Majesty Database.  This database is still being compiled but has already listed many of the major monarchies throughout the microworld.  An excerpt from the database, "

We will also be compiling a list of relevant links, as well as articles which express support for "the best government in the world that money CAN'T buy." Below you will find a listing of what this site will carry: The links will be posted above.....

Site Updates
New nations, links and monarchic groups will be listed here>....


Articles Relevant to Monarchy and Micro-Monarchy
We will need outside links to relevant articles on monarchies, especially news on a micronational level, and new ideas for this site.

FAQs about this site and Monarchy in general:
This page is for FAQs about the site itself, what we expect, and etcetera.

We are also going to try answering the usual questions about monarchy in general... (so what does that mean, anyway: best that money CAN'T buy"?)"

The Images of Majesty Database is located here.


If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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