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 The Editor's View   Election Results!
To the Tymarian People,

Tymaria's first election for Prime Executive has finally come and gone and without bloodshed or hard feelings.  I wish to commend all of the candidates and their respective supporters on their continued admirable behavior and their willingness to keep up the good will and brotherhood that the Tymarian State was founded on.  Founding Fathers of Tymaria, you have done yourselves proud and ensured your places in micronational history!  May Tymaria continue forward and this peaceful transfer of power continue on as a testament to our dedication to the democratic process.

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---Her Imperial Highness, Marie I of Macusiaa



Tymarian News

- Capital District, United Republic of Tymaria-- 10 November 2001

In a very peaceful and respectable campaign, the candidate from Interland, Austi Scot is our new Prime Executive.  Mr. Scot edged out the other candidates who seemed to have more support and better organization.  The "silent" majority carried Mr. Scot to the lead and has shocked many in Tymaria.  With 20 active citizens out of 33 voting which is around 60% of the active population, Mr. Scot gained 10 votes.  Mr. Rhodes gained 6 votes as the runner up and Mr. Caruso came in last with 4 votes.  Julian Starr, the Electoral Commissioner made this announcement in the Election Forum this morning, " Dear Mr. Caruso and Mr. Rhode, you have both contributed enormously to the electoral process, however Mr. Austi Scot has won 10 out of the 20 votes cast for the office of Prime Executive, and is hereby declared the winner, congratulations Mr. Austi Scot on becoming the first Prime Executive of Tymaria.

The Results:

1. Mr. Austi Scot 50.00% (10 votes )

2. Mr. Jason Rhode 30.00% (6 votes )

3. Mr. Ryan Caruso 20.00% (4 votes )"

The first complaint was Kaiser Metzler who said that the low turnout was reason for a run off election.  The second complaint was from Jason Rhodes who stated to Julian Starr, the Elections Commissioner, that the vote should be reconsidered because of the 13 citizens that did not vote, should be able to have their voice heard.  Kaiser Metzler retorted that there was plenty of time to cast their vote, and thus implied that maybe the vote should stand as is.  Lord Diga commented that he would be offering legislation in the upcoming legislative session to make voting mandatory for the office of Prime Executive, and thus remedy any low voter turnout.  

With the election of Austi Scot, Tymaria will surely have to follow his plan of the Grand Council in which he will gather the leading citizens of the states of Tymaria.  From the way it looks the Grand Council will be similar to an advisory committee that will help Mr. Scot in appointing the most capable citizen to each of the Ministries, thus, forming his Cabinet. 

From Austi Scot's proposal, he plans on using inclusion and involvement as a means to keep Tymaria invigorated and vibrant.  Every ministry will employ individuals to the fullest and be responsible for their own personal responsibilities.  

With Austi Scot's "Your Tymaria" plan, he calls for the creation of stock markets, businesses, generals, soldiers, diplomats, teachers, students, organizers and developers.  He also mentioned that he wants to make an official map of Tymaria and institute a plan to create a formal infrastructure within Tymaria.  From what he has outlined, Tymaria could very well become the most detailed micronation yet, incorporating many aspects that macronations exhibit, but on a micronational scale.

Good luck Prime Executive Austi Scot and congratulations on behalf of the Tymarian Sun!



A detailed look into the Political Parties of Tymaria

Here is a detailed look into what each of the political parties of Tymaria.  While sentiment against the formation of political parties is fierce, so far, two have come into being with full force.


People's Revolutionary Party- Tymaria

The PRP-Tymaria, is currently considered to be Tymaria's largest and most powerful party.  The PRP-T is part of a grouping of PRP parties spread over the intermicronational community, with branches in the People's Republic of the New Soviet Empire, The Kingdom of Babkha, The People's Democratic Republic of Rasperia, New Macadam, and of course, Tymaria.

The PRP-T was first known as the PRP of the Free Republic and with the absorbing of the Free Republic into Tymaria, the party thus changed it's name.  The PRP-T mission is to support worker's causes on a global front and to assist other like-minded Socialist parties.  The PRP-T General-Secretary, Mr. Dafydd Young has vocally placed his hopes behind Prime Executive candidate, Ryan Caruso who has advocated enacting several reforms within Tymaria's government that will transform it into one that is more Social Democratic in nature. 

The PRP-T has several major micronationalists that support their dominance in Tymaria.  Micronationalists, such as Dafydd Young, Kuralyov, Red Liberator, and others, already have graced the computer screens across the micronation with excellent graphic content, organizational skill and the willingness to bring forward the true sense of "communism with a human face" to Tymaria.  Even those that disagree with their views, feel that they are a necessary addition to the Tymarian political spectrum that only enhances the online experience of Tymaria rather than takes away from it.  

For those interested in reading more about the People's Revolutionary Party-Tymaria or even the PRP in other micronations, their link can be accessed here.



Tymarian Nationalist Party

The Tymarian Nationalist Party can trace it's roots all the way back to the All-Atteran Party which is it's precursor.  The All-Atteran Party took several ideas from the Falangist Party of the United States as their own and incorporated them with their Orbist viewpoint which is based on the concept of "True Nationalism".  The All-Atteran Party, "reinvented and reinvigorated" itself to become the NOPAI or the Nationalist Orbist Party of the Atteran Commonwealth and the IRQM.  

The NOPAI which held sway in the IRQM during the last year was instrumental in forging productive coalitions with the Libertarian Party of Q'attera-Macusiaa, a center left party.  Upon entry of the IRQM into Tymaria, the NOPAI has transformed itself into the Tymarian Nationalist Party which has made the public statement that it will be dedicated to placing Tymarian interests first at home and internationally.  The Tymarian Nationalist Party is new on the scene and is under the leadership of Lord Diga IV.  Lord Diga has mentioned that the Tymarian Nationalist Party is about, "Not to extinguish the "other" political end of the spectrum, but to provide a choice for the people of Tymaria. In this way they can really see who is free and who only talks about being free.".  With the leadership of Lord Diga, he has already attracted the great micronationalist, Mr. Julian Starr who has conservative views in micronational politics, and his ally King Juan of Argaal.  King Juan, who has mentioned that time was a major problem for his micronational activities, has e-mailed Lord Diga mentioning that he would now be willing to focus more attention to further the nationalist cause.   With Lord Diga and Mr. Starr at the helm of the TNP, they could very well become a major player in Tymarian politics, due to their experience and name recognition.

The Tymarian Nationalists, if they can gain a following in Tymaria, could possibly be a solid challenger in the next elections for Prime Executive.  What will be most interesting to see is if the TNP will continue it's present course as a party that is "a little more to the right than the Republicans of the USA", or will it move further to the right and become something that is totalitarian or fascist in nature.  As with many micronations, conservatives are in the minority overall, and sometimes tend to either become right winged dictatorships or monarchies.  The TNP with it's creation, has started one of the hottest contested topics in the Capital Forum and may test the very fiber of Tymaria itself.

For more information on the TNP, view this link here.


Tymarian Independents     

Not a political party, as such, independents have become somewhat of a force in Tymaria, vocally opposing the formation of parties in Tymaria, especially the TNP.  When the Tymarian Nationalist Party was created by Lord Diga, many independents chose to discourage him from forming the party, and some have withdrawn any future support, which Lord Diga has responded with total disinterest.  Lord Diga has pledged to carry on with his party as per the Tymarian Constitutional right to assembly and free speech, since the independents didn't apply pressure to the PRP-T to disband.  His continued drive to get this party moving forward seems to be in reaction to this very fact.   

The Tymarian Independents, have mainly come from the Apollo states and have partially laid blame for their view on the past failures of the former United Apollo States and the political situation in the United States.  Many have blamed the failures of the UAS on the major states competing over small issues.  Kaiser Metzler, Bill Dusch, and Prime Executive Candidate Jason Rhodes, to name a few, all have supported the independent stance and have all vowed never to join a political party, and have essentially become a "party" in their own right.  In what may become a serious issue in Tymaria, is whether political parties will destroy Tymaria, due to their differences, or not.  

The Tymarian tenacity that has already been displayed, leads one to believe that political parties will not cause the demise of Tymaria, but will certainly let all citizens know where an individual stands on a particular issue or opinion. Not to mention, make Tymaria an even more interesting micronation to be a part of.  The aspect of political parties in micronationalism and in macronationalism, can be well stated by HH Ras Charles Beard of Attera-Macusiaa ". . .the point of political parties is to unite those of similar political beliefs in order to get things that are important to them accomplished. Memberships is totally optional, and even if one does belong to a party he/she does not have to conform to every single platform. We see this even in macronations like the United States. They have liberal Republicans and Regan Democrats. They may be in the minority, but the existence of the party does not cause that. Even without the party organization, such people would still be in the minority on a purely informal basis.
I fail to see how political parties "force and ideology" on anyone. People are going to believe what they want no matter what." 
He further adds, "(Comment taken from another statement  >>And also, there is nothing in the constitution against the banning of political parties.)
No, but (if I am not mistaken) we have the right of assembly. That could arguably be extended to political parties. As I have said, it would be an interesting case for the Supreme Tribunal."



Intermicronational News

MAJOR DISAGREEMENTS BREAK OUT IN LOSS OVER BIN LADEN--LOSS General Assembly, Q'attera ICT, Attera-Macusiaa, United Republic of Tymaria

This week in swift reaction to major disagreement over the Proposal to Condemn the Al-Qaeda Organization, Secretary-General HIH Diga Makonnen IV, imposed a gag order on discussion about this issue until the vote on the proposal has been either passed or disapproved by the General Assembly.  HIH Diga Makonnen IV stated that he didn't intend for the Proposal to carry passions over the edge in LOSS since he felt that the terrorists would be condemned by all members.  Mr. Bastos of Porto Claro and Duke Lielo of the Underduchy of Siliciana attempted to argue down King Spence of Zarahemla  and HIH Diga Makonnen IV who promptly squashed any attempt to change the proposal.  Lord Diga IV, told Mr. Bastos in a frank tone, that, "I will not accept any attempt to water down my proposal since I call it as I see it.  A terrorist, is a terrorist.  Mr. Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda fit the bill!  If you want to write your own resolution, then that is fine, but you will not change this one!"

The results of the vote will be published in the next edition.



In a move reminiscent of Tymaria's Constitutional Convention, it seems as though three major Lusophone micronations are preparing to merge.  To further explain this issue, I have copied the post from Mr. Julian Starr who is a member of the Unity Comity, a new organization dedicated to bringing the Anglophone and Lusophone micronations together to form new cooperative efforts between the two communities. 

Mr. Starr's statements >>>

Tymaria was founded on the principal of Unity, the spirit of the Constitutional Committee has spread to the Lusophone [Portuguese speaking world] as they prepare to unite three of their major Micronations into a new nation.

Comity is defined by www.dictionary.com as:

comity \Com"i*ty\, n.; pl. Comities. [L. comitas, fr. comis courteous, kind.] Mildness and suavity of manners; courtesy between equals; friendly civility; as, comity of manners; the comity of States.

Comity of nations (International Law), the courtesy by which nations recognize within their own territory, or in their courts, the peculiar institutions of another nation or the rights and privileges acquired by its citizens in their own land. By some authorities private international law rests on this comity, but the better opinion is that it is part of the common law of the land, and hence is obligatory as law.

Myself, Bruno Cava of www.pasargada.com (The Free Community of Pasargada) and Jennifer Rockwell of www.reporange.cjb.net (The Republic of Orange), both with many English speaking citizens, have decided to form the "Unity Comity", to bring the Anglophone and Lusophone nations closer together.

The only way we may break the language divide, is through cultural exchange and understanding. If you are interested in joining the Unity Comity, by all means feel free to visit groups.yahoo.com/group/unificationcomity

I believe this is an opportunity to show brotherhood and unity, plus the Lusophone Micronations are about 30%+ Female, LOL



Next week, I plan on conducting an interview with some of the nation's notable figures and with their cooperation, this will give many other micronations a intimate look at our leaders.  The main interview that I hope to attain will be with our new Prime Executive, Austi Scot.


If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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