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 The Editor's View   The Premier Edition- Election Coverage!
To all micronationalists,

I would like to take the time to share with you a few of my thoughts on Tymaria and the press.  I am most happy that the United Republic of Tymaria has chosen the path of true democracy and freedom of speech. The thoughts, stories and happenings in Tymaria and in the Intermicronational community will be covered, by me and my staff, in an objective and unbiased manner, that I hope will be emulated throughout our community.  I hope that eventually the Tymarian Sun becomes the "CNN of the Intermicronational world" , in the same way the Apollo Fireball, the Red Shield, and other's were during their individual moments of glory.  There have been many micronational news periodicals, such as the previously mentioned, to gain a place on the web, and almost all have fallen into disuse.  The Tymarian Sun, I hope, will not follow that path, for a very long time, and by energetic reporting and finding great stories, we will be a success.  I will ensure that the truth will be the mainstay of this periodical and will be vigilant in the pursuit of it.  If you like this periodical or even if you don't, please feel free to jot down a few lines and e-mail me at TheRasinate@excite.com.  In this way, I can only improve the service that I provide to Tymaria, the IRQM and those that visit this site.  Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy, please bear with my writing skills, ;0) and now, I bring to you ..........THE TYMARIAN SUN.

---Her Imperial Highness, Marie I of Macusiaa



Tymarian News
Race for Prime Executive's Post Friendly and Cordial- Capitol District Forum, United Republic of Tymaria

In the race for the Prime Executive's Office, the candidates have kept this election rather cordial and friendly, which is a continuing trend within Tymaria.  The candidates for Prime Executive are Austi Scot, of Interland, Ryan Caruso of the Hegemony of Alexandros, and Jason Rhodes of the Hegemony of Alexandros.  All three candidates have been forthcoming with answers to challenging questions offered by the citizens of Tymaria.  Lord Diga IV, the one person who many thought would run, has decided to sit out this election to focus on establishing the Tymarian Defense Forces.  Lord Diga IV, has made it known that he feels that it is time for those that have not led a micronation to step forward and for the current Heads of State and Government to stand aside as he has done.  While Lord Diga has chosen to watch from the sidelines, he has assaulted the candidates with many tough questions that many are wanting answers to.  These questions and answers by the citizens and  candidates can be read here.

From the viewpoint of what has been written in the Tymarian Forum is the view that the Hegemon Jason Rhodes of Alexandros was the current leader in this race, but with the posting of Lord Diga's questions, and trailblazing last minute efforts of Mr. Caruso and Mr. Scot, this is now not the case.  While this charismatic leader has offered his plan of PAX TYMARIA, the other candidates have also published their own broad based plans, that are just as innovative as the Hegemon's.  Both Ryan Caruso and Austi Scot have recently gained ground against the Hegemon, with posters and advertisements, while offering their own explanations.  Now the race for Prime Executive is too close to call.  The Hegemon, the favorite of many of the former citizens of the Apollo Sector, has promised to make Tymaria the premier English-Speaking micronation.  He has outlined in his plan the full use of Tymaria's "All-Star Team" of notable micronationalists and has pledged to create an environment that would place Tymaria at the top of micronationalism.  Ryan Caruso, who is fully supported by many of the leftist micronationalists from the Free Republic, has broad appeal for his support of the People's Revolutionary Party platform.  While there are some that have voiced opposition to the PRP, Ryan Caruso has stated that he will be changing many of the PRP's policies, since he is not a "hard line Marxist" and is more Democratic-Socialist in nature.  Mr. Caruso states, "While I don't support the Marxist theory of an armed revolution to overthrow capitalism, I do support democratic socialism which insures that every Tymarian is never EVER deprived of their freedoms granted them by our laws and constitution."  He goes on further, to say,  "I am also planning on presenting a revision of certain areas of the PRP, including a possible name change, though I'm not releasing any of these to the public yet for various reasons. Nothing espionage-esque, rather I don't want to present a revised plan one day only to have it change the next and information be misconstrued.
And as a final note, VOTE FOR ME!"  Mr. Austi Scot, from Interland, the last candidate, has the broad support from the Interlander citizens, has struck a positive chord with many because of his post on preserving each of the individual state's cultures.  His hope that Interland will join Tymaria has also gained popular support, since, earlier in last week, Interland voted not to join by a small margin, in what some feel was a biased election where many "inactive" citizens, suddenly became active.  What remains to be seen, is if Interland can come on board with Tymaria in the future, but this issue is still in the air in Interland proper.  There were calls for the inclusion of a Tymarian Interland State, a "shadow micronation", or a mirror of the real one, but this idea has come under fire by many of the citizens that participated in the United Apollo States last year.  His comments: "In the Scot administration the individual States will be encouraged and helped as much as possible to develop their own culture in their own fashion. I fully expect Tymaria to become a place where people will want to join because they will see a part of our great nation that fits them. Tapfer will be different from Shireroth which will be different from the Free Republic which will be different from Attera-Macusiaa which will be different from Machiavellia which will be different from Hyperborea .. etc .. … our diversity will be one of our great strengths.
Perhaps Interland will some day join Tymaria (I am hopeful) and we will increase our diversity and the attraction for others to join. There will yet be others who will see they can retain their identity and yet participate in Tymaria under a Scot administration. We will be the greatest micro-nation as we continue to join others to us in peaceful co-operation and growth.
Yet we will develop a Tymarian culture at the same time. We shall have those institutions that are common to all our States and Regions. We shall have Ministries that work with and for all us. We will have cooperation among citizens of all our States and Regions on many fronts."


The Candidates and what they stand for

Here is a detailed look into what each of the candidates have proposed they would enact should they become Prime Executive.  While there are some similarities in what they wish to accomplish, there are some differences.



Friends, fellow Tymarians:

I promised you an outline of the of the plan I'd like to institute if I'm elected to the Executive - and here it is:
What is the PAX TYMARIA?

1. THE PRIME - The most vigorous and democratic Executive the micronational world has ever seen - the heart and soul of Micronationalism is Activity, activity, activity - Energy which I will be only to happy to provide!

2. HONOR - First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of our fellow states. A single, clear-headed foreign policy - to be the noblest in peace, and the fiercest in war. Brilliant ambassadors and diplomats, well-versed in the manners and modes of states, and the most brilliant commanders of a military which will be the envy of the microworld. We shall join the international bodies as a single, unified member; we shall be friends to all, enemies to none - unless they should want it - and they will learn soon enough that they shall not.

3. THE EXCELLENT - The great minds of Tymaria turned to statecraft; a cosmos, a network, a veritable universe of strong and able minds, an All-Star team which shall govern our state; I will appoint the luminaries of the micronational world without regard to politics or past; for we all are Tymarians now. In Justice, in affairs Foreign & Domestic, in Defense, in Education, I promise you an effective and willing cabinet not yet seen in this sphere!

4. ECONOMICS - A financial system strong, a regulated and unfettered stock market, a system of free enterprise which shall allow all the freedom to engage in activities; in which all can express themselves to obtainable ends - a Land in which, finally, the long sought-after Great Economy, which has often been tried in varying forms, but never fully executed, takes root, and grows unperturbed. Banks, markets, currency! The Tymarian Exchange will be the envy of the micronational world.

5. THE CITY- Among my first acts upon the attainment of office shall be a referendum concerning the foundation, location, and nature of our Capitol City - it will stand as a symbol of our dedication to Truth, Fraternity, and Reason. Who will not be honored to be its Architect? I don't think we'll lack for applicants, my friends.

6. ENLIGHTENMENT - A government which shall promote the arts and cultures - in which Science is allowed its progression; where Culture shall have a home, a place in which our gentler creations, those of learning, of myth, of legend, of prose, of poetry, of music, of the visual arts, so long laid aside for the mace or legislator's pen, shall bloom once more, and make a flower in our pleasant land. A new Tymarian University which shall be the model for all. A House of Books of such splendor and depth as to give the Great Library of Alexandria pause.

7. ARTS - A charming countenance and lovely colors to our fora. I shall ask only to best to craft our home. We shall have a perfected and lovely Forum!

8. GROWTH - We shall seek to expand, both in land and ideals. No worthy immigrant whose heart is pure and whose cause is just shall be turned away, denied a home; no state beseeching us for Union will be refused ample consideration; no land seeking our to emulate our rule will be reproached for imitating us in these matters. Growth in leadership; a just growth of realm, of reason; an emulation of our way of life far and wide.

8. THE SPACE RACE - It shall continue. Let us slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the sky once more.....

This is the PAX TYMARIA, a new era in Micronational History. A vote for any of these things is a vote for me.

Thank you.

- The Hegemon

"Where is Great Alexander?"
"Great Alexander Lives And Reigns."


Ryan Caruso's Personal Pledge- United Tymaria

Friends, Comrades, fellow citizens, fellow Tymarians,

Lend me your ears, or rather, your eyes and mind ( :) ) for just a moment. I speak before you as a humble man, a simple man, a servant to democracy and to the needs of Tymaria and it's people. I speak as one proud to be that servant and proud to fulfill the needs of Tymaria and solve it's problems. And now, before you, I present my plans for this glorious nation that we have worked so hard to build.

As Prime Executive of Tymaria it will be my personal pledge to uphold the laws of my position and this nation to their fullest. It will be my duty and honour to serve the needs of the people and provide them with the democratic rights they deserve and the quality leadership expected of me.

Part 1 - Unity and Democracy
As Prime Executive I promise to heed to words of every Tymarian to the fullest. I will take heed with the opinion of each and every citizen and seek to make sure their voices are represented throughout this government. Much like my opposing candidate, Austi Scot, has proposed, I will seek the advice of state leaders when making big and small decisions. But I will not stop there, because I will listen to the people as well and make sure that their ideas and opinions are not disregarded. I will work to compromise my values with those of the general public to make a lasting mix that will work for all sides. Whenever there is a dispute I will be there to seek a compromise. Wherever there is trouble I will be there to speak the peace.

I will uphold the law and will of the people to the greatest extent possible and make sure that democracy prevails in this nation.

I promise to run an uncorrupt government and provide representation for all parties, even those that oppose me. It is my belief that all opinions are necessary for a true democracy to work. Even if those opinions do not agree with me, that does not disqualify their right to be spoken and heard.

Part 2 - Infrastructure

-2.a. Culture
The great cultures that make up the bulk of Tymaria must be preserved while still unified. It is my promise that this equal compromise of unity and cultural preservation will be instated and kept permanently to insure that we never forget where we came from, but never become to zealous in over our past differences. Our culture is our unity, our culture is our history, and we must preserve it.

-2.b. Economy
As one of the newest and most popular micronational incentives, the economy will be structured and implemented to the satisfaction of all involved. I promise to institute salaries to all government employees and to develop with the aid of the public a working stock exchange and currency. I promise to promote and aid developing businesses in Tymaria so that the economy will prosper. I will not tolerate monopolies and make sure that all businesses, young and old, are equally represented.

-2.c. Military
Under my leadership the military will be refined and enhanced into micronationalism's finest. Through our military we will gain respect from abroad and within. Through our military we will maintain a strong defense and a capable offense. Under my leadership the military will never interfere with the government and be used only for what it is meant to be.

-2.d. Democracy
Under my leadership democracy will never be compromised. If I must endure the pains of hell itself, our democratic freedoms will never be taken from us and the people will always be free.

-2.e. Education
Education is as important to micronationalism as it is real-world countries. Under my leadership you will see a productive education system consisting of libraries, schools and universities. Under my leadership the government will promote education and scholarships. Our citizens will receive the best micronational education available through the best micronational educators.

-2.f. Research
Research, as with education, is a very important part of micronationalism. Without research we would not learn new HTML secrets, devise new weapons to defend ourselves with and other great and fun discoveries. Under my leadership the research department will never falter and it's activity always promoted by the government through constant interaction with the populace.

Part 3 - Foreign Policy
Under my leadership Tymaria will seek an aggressive foreign policy, expanding it's network of contacts and relations with other micronations extensively. We will seek out and compile the largest foreign contacts list in micronational history and set a precedent for future generations. We will be a leader in diplomacy and foreign ethics, our ambassadors will use the best diplomatic etiquette and be renowned for their skill. Our membership in intermicronational organizations will be as a maker of peace and distributor of beneficiary ideas. This I promise.

Part 4 - Miscellaneous
-4.a. Spam
On the subject of spam, so long as spam is kept to a minimum and in it's designated locales (fora) spam should not be an issue. Know, however, that my government will not tolerate spam in places it should not be. We are, as always, a micronation of law and organization, and this must be maintained.

-4.b. Ministers
Under my leadership the persons best suited for the job will be appointed as ministers, despite and opposition of opinions. For those that still wish to work in the government but left out, I will do my utmost to make sure they find something they enjoy to contribute their fill to Tymaria.

-4.c. Space Race
As my opposing candidate Mr. Rhode stated he would do, I, as well will continue to pursue the micronational equivalent of the space race through all means necessary. Providing, of course, they do not contradict or compromise any other part of Tymaria.

-4.d. Responsibility
As the leader of this nation, it and it's people are always my responsibility. Be it known that I will take the necessary responsibility for any duties, fees and problems any of our citizens and do my utmost best to correct any wrong doings. Others' problems will not be shunned by me.

This is what I promise if elected as Prime Executive of the United Republic of Tymaria.
Vote Caruso and vote for a prosperous Tymaria!
I thank you for your time,
Respectfully and Humbly,
Ryan D. Caruso


 Austi Scot's Speech- Your Tymaria     

Citizens of Tymaria, what do I promise you if elected Prime Executive?

Your involvement is what I promise. I promise you shall not have a ruler over you but a leader and a servant before you.

As Prime Executive I intend to seek and request the advise of those who are the leaders of our various States. I shall call this The Grand Council . It shall be made up of your elected leaders, the very people each of you have chosen. The Grand Council shall have my ear at every turn. They shall advise me as to appointments. They shall advise me as to needed progress and actions. They shall advise me as to how issues will affect you and your State within Tymaria.

As Prime Executive I intend that you shall have the right to be involved and the authority to move Tymaria forward. With the advise of The Grand Council I shall nominate the best Tymaria has to lead each Ministry.

The true key to a great micro-nation is not the amount of the Prime Executives’ activity but rather each and every one of you make up the true key to greatness. You must speak up and become involved in the area that is the most fun for you. Which Ministry do you want to work within? What do you want to do? As Prime Executive it is my job to help you make that possible.

Every Minister will be expected to involve each person who wishes to work in the Ministry and to empower the individual to do things. Gone are the days when you must get permission to progress or depend on one leader to do it all.

Subject to the direction of the Ministry set by Minister and the laws of Tymaria you will be empowered to make Tymaria the envy of all.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Home Affairs to make the best homeland.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prorogate the best relations.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Defense to make our military feared and respected.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Science to be the most advanced.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Financial Affairs to produce the best economy.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Research and Education to have the finest labs and the highest center of education.

Together we shall empower our Ministry of Justice to be the highest example of a Nation of law anywhere.

We shall do this together!

We shall create and empower other Ministries that we need such as the Ministry of Culture.

We shall create necessary and wanted positions. We already have our Library Keeper. I would like to have an office of recruitment. We can establish a sports commissioner. We may need domestic police. We certainly will want citizens to establish businesses.

Under each and everyone of our now established Ministries are various aspects that will need people involved who want to develop Tymaria. We will need stock brokers and bankers. We will need Generals and soldiers. We will need diplomats and ambassadors. We will need teachers and students. We will need organizers and developers.

We will want to produce a map of our great land and place our cities, our Capital, our great centers of cultures on the map. The map shall show our great natural features, the mountains and rivers, the valleys and hilltops, the harbors and lakes and great forest. We will want to build the infrastructure via our great roads and highways, our airports and harbors, our military bases, and our parks and landmarks.

We will need your great mind, experience, and expertise. Your nation needs you … Tymaria needs you.

Citizens, as your Prime Executive, together we will make it possible and we will make it a reality!

A vote for Austi Scot is a vote for these things, a vote for Tymaria!


Intermicronational News

LOSS gets web page update

Reunion Supports Tymaria as IRQM successor state

So far the Imperial Ras of Q'attera-Macusiaa has kept his word and reinvigorated LOSS to the point that several changes to LOSS are now completely visible.  With Mr. Pedro Aguiar's excellent web design, LOSS' web page has now been updated and has new "bells and whistles."  In the new web page update, a concise history of LOSS has been included along with several languages added.  With the update, the discussions in LOSS also have become more important to the delegates.  In what seemed to be the start of a huge shouting match over the wording of the Secretary-General's condemnation of the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001 and the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, the discussion became civil.  The resolution was a general call for condemnation, but some ambassadors, led by Pres. Chilavert of Wolfenstein were angered because the resolution condemned Al-Qaeda by name.  Pres. Chilavert felt that the United States government needed to show the world proof of Al-Qaeda's guilt before going to war.  All members that have voted against the resolution have stated that they do indeed support condemning terror, but not the singling out of individual organizations.  The LOSS web page can be viewed HERE.

On another note, HHIM Emperor Claudio the First of Reunion has expressed his support of Tymaria being known as the successor state in LOSS and the LOM.  His comments have been copied for you to view.

              Allies and friends,
           Esteemed Micronationalists:
            The Holy Empire of Réunion, based on the principles of International Law which guide the succession of States, fully recognizes the micronation of TYMARIA as legal successor of the Imperial Rasinate of Q-attera Macusiaa, and thus as Its ally and friend.
            The Empire wishes good luck to the Tymarian nation and reiterates that it is the will and pleasure of the good Réunian people to remain as a close ally of the newborn micronation.
In Jesus Christ,

HHIM Emperor Claudio the First

The main reason for the Imperial Ras' determination for Tymaria to be recognized as the IRQM's successor state is to ensure that Tymaria is gained easy entry into the main two intermicronational organizations and because it would give Tymaria the IRQM's status as a micronational leader almost immediately.



If there are any micronational stories that you would like to see feel free to submit them to my e-mail address and I will post them to this periodical.  Full credit will be given to the author.  I am also seeking correspondents from other micronations that are interested in publishing stories in the TYMARIAN SUN from their micronational perspective.

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